Monday, July 31, 2006

Levi Peterson wrote me a letter

Yes, he did. I wrote to him with a whole new ending, or sequel to Aspen Marooney and he wrote me back.

And my butt is so gold.


Stephen said...

I'd love to see that ending.

What did he say when he wrote back?

Lisa M. said...

Ya, what he said!

Barb said...

Very nice!

annegb said...

He thanked me and said he'd been here to Cedar the week before.

He discussed my premise, that Durfey would actually fall in love with his wife and court her. I think this is the right word, the dichotomy of being false to Aspen, untrue to her.

A very nice letter.

I made up an ending where he falls in love with Elaine and courts her. Then she dies and he marries a hot Mexican woman. And he builds a house on his old farm and gets a relationship with Gerald.

Well, it was a long story :)