Monday, July 17, 2006

Good advice, you guys. No lie.

Bill and I are going to Costco this week sometime and we are stocking up on cigarettes and coffee. That really bothers him, but I said, "honey we can't afford silver or gold and these things will be really good barter, if times get tough."

I think the end is beginning. The war in the middle east scares the crap out of me and makes my heart ache for those poor people. I see pictures of little boys and girls and it just rips me.

We are fortunate in America, but we should be prepared. Get some water on hand and store some coffee and cigarettes. During the holocaust these things were as good as gold to trade. Also light bulbs were a shortage.

Oh, also, put in some extra toothbrushes and soap and aluminum foil and paper plates in case you have to take in refugees.


Eric Nielson said...

Would there not be other things that would not be so 'compromising'?

Candy perhaps?

Oh, and guns and ammo.

There seems to be a lot of stuff that would need to happen before the real end comes doesn't there? Temple in Jerusalem. Zion in America. Gospel in each nation etc?

Bookslinger said...

Coffee and cigs go stale after a while. Even the vaccuum packed coffee in cans won't last more than a year, will it?

Bryce said...

I wouldn't even know where to start. What do people like?

annegb said...

I read a lot of Holocaust novels. Everybody wants cigarettes and coffee in bad times. Even stale cigarettes.

and stale coffee.

I won't smoke them or drink the coffee, but I will use them to trade for food. In the bad times. The fictional, for now, bad times.

Barb said...

I hate any unrest in the Middle East. It is even worse when Israel is involved. I have wondered what currency we would need as the economy may collapse. I would think protein would be worth a lot as that was so scarce after WWII in war-torn Germany.

Stephen said...

extra toothbrushes and soap

Good point, to think of what you will need to help others with.

annegb said...

I actually got that idea from an article I read somewhere. A woman had to take in refugees for three days. They were homeless, but the power was out in her home.

She said they needed hygiene items and suggested aluminum foil to cook in and paper plates when you can't do the dishes.

The thing about storing candy or sugar is you might eat it. If I were rich, I'd have gold and silver and diamonds instead of cigarettes. But that's all I can afford and I think they will be good barter in hard times.

Bill is mortified and I will have to do it behind his back but he will be glad someday. If I don't get called in to the bishop's office.

You know, Eric, I heard about the temple in Jerusalem. But things look pretty scary to me. I wonder if people felt that way in the 60's (is that right) when Israel was at war.