Friday, September 28, 2007

Going Luddite

I gave up my cell phone in June and let me tell you, my life is better for it. I haven't missed it, even one time, although I still may wish I had it if I'm abducted by a serial killer or escaped convict and need to call 911 from my car.

I use store phones if I need to check something, it's not a big deal. The best part is my phone never rings unexpectedly, or vibrates in my pocket, making me swerve the car into another lane. Nobody can find me. I love it.

I'm sorry to say, guys, I haven't missed the internet, either. My office is lost and cold and looking more like a basement storeroom, no life in it. The couch and the remote are happy and not so lonely, however. I have more time. It's more peaceful without it.

sorry, guys.

You should try it, really.

Monday, September 10, 2007


I'll be disconnecting my DSL this week in order to save some money. I've sucked at blogging all summer due to illness and so much else going on, ie, the remodel. Now the remodel is almost done and I'm having to paint because of long story, somebody bailed. And I'm still sick.

I will check in at the library occasionally, and perhaps I'll go into some kind of crazy withdrawal and have to reconnect and sell my body on the street to pay for it, but as of now, I'll be taking a break.

Just as soon as I copy this blog, so I can hard copy it to my journal for history's sake.

Take care, guys.