Friday, July 21, 2006

Blogging and self-esteem, and Trevor's first words

Apparently we're insignifcant microbes in the TTLB Ecosystem. I choose to think that something is wrong with the way the ecosystem rankings are calculated. I know you guys all love us (ok, I realize that you come here for annegb and not me).

My youngest child, Trevor, said his first words this week. They are "Thank you" (or "tick too"). He says it whenever someone gives him something he likes, such as a toy or a cracker. It's quite cute. I'm sure that "no" isn't far behind, but for now, he's the most polite baby we know.


annegb said...

My little granddaughter says that, too! Just like that. She jabbers away, but that's about the only thing we can understand.

How goes the packing?

I'm considering asking my elders quorum to help me move Sarah's piano to her apartment. I will have to cringe because I know how you guys feel, but there isn't a professional moving service here.

Maybe I'll call the college and pay a couple of kids. But then I will have to watch them like hawks. No offense to anybody in college. Not that they would steal, but they might wreck it up.

Bryce said...

annegb, when moving a piano, experience counts. Every elders quorum has some guy who has moved dozens of pianos in his life. Find that guy. You'd be surprised how easy it is to break a piano.

Don't feel bad about asking the elders in the elders quorum to help. In fact, you should call the home teachers first, and ask them for help.

Packing stinks. The plan today is to move some of the boxes into a storage unit.

annegb said...

I took your advice today and called our piano tuner, who happens to be a professional. It will cost, but he's not too expensive and will be done right.

Thanks, Bryce.