Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Cleaning the oven

Sarah, aka loving known as Princess Buttgold, moved last week. The whole family assembled to help her move her stuff and clean.

I told her I'd clean her oven. In a moment of weakness when she was sick and I felt sorry for her.

I came prepared with Easy-off and rubber gloves, resigned, keeping my word.

We had to drive to Wal-Mart to get new pans to go under the burners and curtains for her new house and as we were driving she made the idle comment, "You know, Mom, I'm so glad you're cleaning the oven because that just doesn't seem like a fun job to me at all."

I replied, "Yeah, I could hardly sleep for the excitement. All night I thought, 'oh, goody, I get to clean the oven in the morning. It was like Christmas all over again.'" She laughed a little, but I think the sarcasm was mostly lost on her since she has yet to clean an oven.


Mogget said...

Oh yeah. Cleaning the oven. That's a real chore. I'd rather serve in the Nursery than clean the oven. ;)

You know, I don't mind it all that much IF I get started on it the night know, warm the oven up, spray the stuff in, close the door and come back in the AM.

But don't you feel you have a duty as her mother to make sure she's cleaned the oven at least once? Just so she knows that that tin foil lining is NOT a waste of time and money?

Oh yes, I could go on in this vein at length...

annegb said...

tin foil lining? never done that LOL

Of course the last oven I had was self cleaning. I will never have anything else.

But you know, I love your point. Next time I'll say, "sweetie, it's my duty as your mother to make sure you clean your oven." What a good line. I can use it in so many ways.

Lisa M. said...

Oh cleaning the oven is just grand fun, isn't it?

You know what? I dont think I ever saw my Mom clean an oven. It would ahve been a lovely sight to behold.

Buttgold is lucky, ya know!

Barb said...

Cleaning an oven for your daughter---that is love!!!