Monday, June 19, 2006

LaRue sobers up

Yesterday in church a sweet and kind man spoke of his father and he mentioned in passing his father taking a drink once in awhile.

As we gathered for Relief Society, a convert lady and I started joking about our drinking days. I was sitting next to a quiet woman in our ward, she seldom says anything, she's very active, conservative and orthodox. She smiled at me and said, "what are you talking about?"

"Our drinking days," I replied. "Did you ever drink, LaRue?" Totally knowing she'd never touched a drop in her life.

"Well, I tasted beer once! It was awful, I don't know how anybody could drink that stuff. Then when I turned 21, my parents took me to Wendover. The bartender told me this drink was mostly 7up and it was really good, so I had several! But I didn't get drunk, I could think and I knew what I was doing. I was sure sick the next day, though."

I just looked at her and laughed and said, "LaRue, you were drunk!" She denied it, but laughed a lot and we all had a good laugh.

Then in the beginning where they ask for the good news, I looked at her and thought, "should I tell them she sobered up?" She looked back and giggled. I was so tempted, but I kept my mouth shut. For now.


Elizabeth-W said...

What is it with RS and the Good News Minute? I thought it was just our ward, and then found out they do it in Mom's, too. Is it something that trickled from Utah to here, or did it come from official channels? Do you have a missionary moment, too? I can't wait for my turn. "Well, you see, my husband is a heathen..."

I am glad LaRue learned after all these years she'd been at least a couple sheets to the wind. I think LaRue is orthodox Now, but may have had a few wild days in her youth. I mean, honestly, who takes their 21 year old to Bendover for their birthday? Not any ultra-orthodox people I know. LaRue has secrets, annegb, you just have got to pull them from her.

annegb said...

I actually quite enjoy our good news moments, the sisters have gotten into the spirit of it. Last time I went to church, the counselor asked for good news, and I said, "damn, Bonnie, your hair looks so cute today." No, I didn't really cuss. But it did look so cute.

In our ward we have a good five or ten minutes of laughing and chatting about that stuff. I know they would have cracked up if I said, "Sister Tracy gave up booze."
I'm just waiting for the right moment.

Never tell me any embarrassing funny stuff you don't want repeated. I won't promise not to repeat it. You could tell me sad or serious stuff, though. I would take that to my grave. Or at least for twenty or thirty years keep it secret. Unless I had to testify in court or somebody's life depended on it.

If I were you, I'd never tell me anything you don't want anybody to know. Poor LaRue.

Starfoxy said...

This reminds me of my mom eating some fancy chocolates that a suiter sent to my sister. We all realized they were liquer chocolates when my mom wistfully said "I always did like rum."

Tigersue said...

This is sooo cute. It reminds of being in Wisconsin visiting some friends during the christmas holidays. My sister was with me at the time, and I kept waiting for a moment to ask if the wassil they were serving had alcohol in it or not. By the time I asked and yes it did, my sister had enjoyed hers quite freely and as you can imagine was very, very, happy!

The Wiz said...

elizabeth w-
The good news minute came as a suggestion from the general RS board during a training. (I think it was last conference? Maybe the one before?)

Funny post. Loved the wassail thing, too. hee hee