Tuesday, June 13, 2006

the Bill of the future

I'm sort of bored with being a blogger, it's much more fun to go to other peoples' blogs. Of course, it's summer and hot, you know.

But this is something Bill and I talked about the other day. I say it once in awhile to Bill when he's being mean and bossy. I will look at him calmly and say, "The Bill of the future is very disappointed in the Bill of the present at this moment."

He was griping about somebody and I was defending them, I can't remember, I forget why we fight, I just remember the fireworks. We were arguing and I said, "The Bill of the future is watching this in his life review and he feels just terrible that the Bill of the present is being so awful."

And he said, "I don't care what the Bill of the future thinks."

And we went on eating dinner.


D-Train said...

Outstanding! It reminds me of that Calvin and Hobbes where 8:30 Calvin tries to get into a time machine to make 6:30 Calvin do his homework. When 6:30 Calvin threatens to attack him, 8:30 Calvin smugly reminds him that he'll never feel it since it's in the past and that he'll only be beating up his future self.

Silus Grok said...

You make me smile, Annegb.

Bryce said...

Can you get Bill to post sometime? I'd love to see a post by him.

Elizabeth-W said...

One of these days Bill is gonna' wise up, and say "The Bill of the future isn't going to be living with the Annegb of the future if you don't be nice to me!" ;)
I'm going to use that logic on my older daughter when she's being mean to her sister.

a. nonny spouse said...

I often tell the nonny-spouse-of-the-present that if she doesn't eat better, she will never fit into the nonny-spouse-of-the-past's clothes again. She doesn't care.

annegb said...

Bill's not much of a writer, he thinks what I'm doing is rather silly and funny, but I'll ask him.

He always turns my little sayings against me. He hasn't with this one yet, but I figure one day, he'll look up from the paper and say, "the Anne of the future wishes the Anne of the present would cook some bacon and eggs for the Bill of the present."

This man should be married to somebody like Sheri Dew, but he's stuck with me because he's hungry for entertainment.

You know what I did one time when I was mad at him? I mixed up his socks. I put brown with blue, etc. This was a big deal to my Monk-type husband. We never discussed it.

a. nonny spouse said...

annegb, that is the best revenge I've ever heard. Unfortunately, ANM would never in a thousand years notice if I mixed up his sock drawer. He hasn't noticed yet that I have decided never to fold his socks again, and it's been weeks.

Ann said...

There is a show on the Disney channel, "Phil of the Future," where a 22nd century teen gets stuck in 21st century everytown. It has a really catchy title tune, which is now going to be STUCK IN MY HEAD FOR THE WHOLE DAY THANKS A LOT ANNEGB.


Sarebear said...

That is SOOOOOooooo funny!!! hee hee.

Do NOT give up blogging! I go thru times where I get bored with it too.