Thursday, May 18, 2006

Tim spits in his coke

My sister, Chris, is my very best friend and my hero. She knows everything about me and I can be totally myself with her. She is one of the people I respect most in life. She graduated from college a few years ago and has held her family together despite monumental problems. Her energy level is tremendous.

She's raising her grandson, now age seven, and does all the young mother things with him. She goes to his ball games, drives him to swimming, takes him hiking, and supports him in scouting and school. He is happy and secure in her home.

Chris and I are very germ phobic. We do not eat from anybody else's plate and if somebody wants a bite from our brownie, we just give it to them. Nobody drinks from our coke and we don't take drinks from anybody' else's. We could crawl across the Sahara and die because we didn't want to drink from a well somebody else had drunk from.

She bought Timothy a coke, then they drove over to her daughter-in-law's home. She got thirsty and ordered Tim, "Tim, give grandma a drink before you take a drink. Take off the lid and I'll drink from the cup and you can drink from the straw, okay?"

Tim's not too worried about germs, but he didn't want to share. He took the lid off and spit into his coke. "AAAh!" Chris gasped. Everyone else in the room stared in horror at Tim. He stared back defiantly.

Chris burst out laughing and Tim got a lecture from his aunt. Guess Chris will buy herself a coke, too, next time. Tim is so my relative.


danithew said...

LOL. That's a fun story.

Sue said...

hee hee

Starfoxy said...

I wish my family had been that germaphobic. I recall spitting on all sorts of things in a desperate effort to get it all to myself, but it rarely worked.
Great story though!

Elizabeth-W said...

Starfoxy, are you my sister?

Starfoxy said...

Sorry Elizabeth-W but I don't think I am. I don't have any sisters with your name.