Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Christopher Columbus was an illegal alien

I think Americans of today are hypocritical. Not individually, not you and me, say, but as a country, we are becoming pretty preachy. Also cowardly. For instance, we invaded Iraq on the possibility of weapons of mass destruction.

We have weapons of mass destruction. Are we the only ones allowed? We're the only ones who've ever used them (an act I approve, but nevertheless). Hence the hypocrisy.
Korea and China and Russia and Israel and France have weapons of mass destruction. Korea's leader is a fruitcake who might use them any day. I don't see us invading any of those guys. Hence, the cowardice. North Korea and China would kick our butts were we to invade them.

I see the same type of hypocrisy in the illegal alien thing. I don't understand the legalities, I don't understand why these people don't get visas and come here legally and work. I don't understand what's the holdup with that. I'm thinking that "Greek-to-me" guest worker debate has something to do with possible solutions.

But who died and made us God?

Like I said, I don't understand much of the problem or argument surrounding the issue, but I don't have the problem many people do with illegals. We have a lot working here on farms and they're good people. They shop at Wal-Mart and pay taxes. Their kids go to school, I guess some could construe that as leaching, but I see it as progress. Any education anywhere makes my world better.

If we really want to get honest, we'd better turn all our land back to the Native Americans and line up outside their state department begging for green cards, visas, and work permits. There is an air of racism in the protests that really bothers me.

I suppose if I lived in California, or Arizona, I might feel invaded. But California has lots more problems than that. I hope the strike Monday struck fear into Californians. I'm on the side of the illegals in this one.


a. nonny spouse said...


White Man Retarded said...

But we're right.

annegb said...

Hey, nonny, I e-mailed you.

I'm trying to figure out this blogroll thing. I want to put you guys on. When and if I stumble on to the way to do it.

Patrick, who's we?

annegb said...

Patrick, I see that you live in Texas. I think that could color your point of view.

As does my lack of experience with illegals.

Explain, I'm interested, I want to understand the polarity. And I'm little educated.

Elizabeth-W said...

Looks like you've been following the debate running around some of the blogs. :) I enjoyed reading your perspective.

White Man Retarded said...

I wonder what we would be like without borders. I have no problems with people coming over to work,live, or whatever, but it is not fair to foot their medical bills, clean their trash they bring over, etc...then they decide not to integrate themselves into our society. They remain separate unto themselves. That is why they don't advance monetarily (this is all about money-both sides of the issue). An example is the flag-waving. No big deal to fly the Mexican flag, right? The act itself isn't, but what is represents is, is an unwillingness to change for the better. They don't want to pitch in to the American way of life, being pull your weight. Society pays you what they think you're worth. If you don't come to pitch in, then you've come to ride the welfare system, which I am forced to pay into every paycheck. Sure, many are hard-working, but the news conveniently leaves out the part where the mother brings her children to the E.R. on the border in the U.S. and then conveniently disappears back to Mexico when she leaves, or when people come over to have their babies and then leave. Who's paying for this? Look at the hospitals on the borders; most are in the red. The U.S. isn't at fault here. The foreign governments need to fix themselves instead of blaming their woes on us. Other citizens see our riches (relatively speaking) and think the government gives them to us. They're used to having the government giving them what they have in their native lands, and they think it is the same way here, and when they get here, they cry racism because they can't make it like they thought. The U.S. government does not work that way. California is inhabited by Space aliens. Never look to California for a role model.

White Man Retarded said...

Also, on the whole weapons of mass destruction issue, remember the U.N. (the rest of the world) agreed there were wmds and drew up continual resolutions to handle the problem. So we were not wrong in invading Iraq. Do we use our wmds as agressors? The last time we used our wmds was in 1945. Some sticklers would argue that with me, but so be it. The difference between the U.S. and say Iraq, or Iran, is the verbal threats and past actions pointing out they would use them for aggressive means. Iran repeatedly says they will wipe Israel off of the map. Pres. Amhedinijab believes he is on a holy mission ending in a literal conflagration which would engulf the wicked (in his eyes) and put Islam at the head of the world government. China does have wmds, but they haven't been aggressive except on the Taiwan issue. China's only income is the U.S. and we've got them cornered. N. Korea would collapse in less than a week were we to fight them. They can't afford to feed themselves, much less fight. Don't you hear in the news everyday of mines collapsing, railroads being destroyed, etc. over there? The country is literally falling apart. So think before you label something cowardice. We as a country do not pursue aggression except where it needs to be. For over thirty years we've been witnessing terrorist attacks all over the world, and then finally it hit home. The only reason we've not done something sooner is because of the Cold War (my speculation). So, now we are bringing the war to them. This war isn't one about more powerful countries invading weaker countries; it is an idealogical war that's painful and difficult to see because as a Christian nation we treat others the way we want to be treated. We have not even begun to scratch the surface on the religious aspects of this war. Remember the banner of liberty. Iraq is not a separate war, just another theater. It's tempting to believe the other way (Bush Corporate world takeover blood for oil). Neville Chamberlain was tempted also.

annegb said...

That's what I was wondering, Patrick, if there is a difference in experience of those who live on the border.

I used to be really annoyed with the Mexicans here (southern Utah), for some of the reasons you mention. Although we only have a few compared to you.

But I saw a different side of them when I worked at Wal-Mart. What I thought was off-ish-ness, I think is actually shyness. When I reached out to them, they were quite nice.

Mind you, I'm talking about the Mexican farm families who live here.

Oh, I thought waving the Mexican flag was very bad manners and stupid on their part. They should have waved the American flag.

The paying, that's complex and far above my intellect. But, if tthey shop here, doesn't that contribute? I think there needs to be a more comprehensive look rather than their accessing free health care. That's only one aspect.

What happens to the children who are left in the ER? Why would they do that?

I appreciate your comments about WMD's because I don't like feeling guilty about that. Good points.

Although I think China owns us. I'm so going to learn a few words of Chinese for the invasion, which will be peaceful because all they will have to do is call in their markers.

There's an excellent book by D'Nesh D'Souza, called What's So Great About America? that explores the issues you've discussed. I read it, talk myself into feeling good about the war in Iraq, then I have to do it again. I don't know why that is.

Thanks for your comments, I appreciate them.

annegb said...

Elizabeth, thank you! Welcome! I haven't had time to surf the blogs as I used to do, it's a topic for discussion big time here in soutern Utah.

I wrote about it in my soon to be published column for the local paper. My trip to Mexico and Wal-Mart were eye openers for me.

A few months ago a popular guy here was hit and killed while riding his motorcycle. The driver of the other car was an illegal.

But the accident was caused by a road configuration problem. I'm sure there will be more accidents. Many people, though, including my son (he's going to sh** a brick when he sees my column)blame the illegal nature of this guy's status.

So there is debate here. Very sad situation.

Ann said...

remember the U.N. (the rest of the world) agreed there were wmds and drew up continual resolutions to handle the problem. So we were not wrong in invading Iraq.

Based on our government's trumped up stories and outright lies. Their own inspectors disputed them.

Bush came into office with the goal of going to war with Iraq. 9/11, in which Iraq played NO PART, was his foot in the door. Americans were pissed off and looking for somebody to punish. Why not Iraq? They have oil and brown skin! And they tried to assasinate the President's Daddy! Let's show them! U-S-A! U-S-A!

Sorry, annegb. Back to lurking now.

annegb said...

Don't apologize to me, Ann, you've got a right to your opinions.

Now that we're in there, I want to see us kick butt, but if we could go back and not be there, I would so be down with that.

annegb said...

On the other hand, I hear a lot of "radicals" in my ward say that invading Iraq is a part of a fulfillment of prophecy, this is the last days and it had to be done.

Like I said to Patrick, I convince myself for a minute, then I go back to not feeling right about it.