Friday, May 19, 2006

Hideki Matsui could use your faith

My dad is a great man, one of the most spiritual men that I know. He works in the Manhattan Temple every Friday night. It's the highlight of his week. Every time I talk to him, he tells me about something he did in the temple the past week.

He's also a huge sports fan. Some of my best memories are of watching sports with him. Every time I talk to him, we chat a bit about what's going on in the sports world.

He and my mom came for a visit this weekend. Predictably, my dad started talking about the temple and baseball soon after he arrived.

"Did you see what happened to Hideki Matsui?" Matsui is a Japanese baseball player who plays left field for the New York Yankees. He broke his wrist diving to catch a ball, and expected to miss most of the season. Dad likes him because he plays for the Yankees (my parents live in New York) and because he's Japanese.

"I was sitting in the temple on Friday, and I was thinking about what happened to Matsui. So I put his name on the prayer roll." Dad smiles apologetically as he says this. "He certainly can use some healing prayers right now."


Janna said...


(LDS too)

annegb said...

I've been to that church! The Manhattan one, when me and Buttgold were in New York last year. She was so sick, she could hardly hold her head up (not nauseous, just exhausted, long story), and there were cute boys all over, and it was terribly frustrating for me that she wasn't noticing them.

I love your dad, Bryce--I will put peoples' names on the prayer roll, as well.

Mark IV said...

Bryce, your dad sounds a lot like mine - he took me to watch triple-A ball in SLC, and he was also a temple worker in his retirement.
I now take my sons to watch tiple-A players wearing major league uniforms (KC Royals).

Does your dad pray for all Japanese baseball players, or just for the ones in pinstripes? Because I would like some invite some prayers on behalf of So Taguchi, the outfielder for the Cardinals. If he is ever going to hit a curve ball, it will only be through divine intervention.

And isn't praying for the Yankees sort of like praying that Darth Vader will win? :-)

danithew said...

The Yankees are holy. :)

What happened to Hideki Matsui's wrist was hideous. The pictures were hard to look at.

a. nonny spouse said...


Whenever anyone in my husband's family travels, his grandparents (who are also temple workers) put the car on the prayer roll. They write "Toyota Nonny" or "Ford Nonny." This never ceases to amuse me.

annegb said...

Are you guys old enough to remember when the Cardinals went against the Royals for the World Series. I am. I loved the Cardinals and Ozzie Smith. Even if they were sort of self defeating, no dignity type of team.

Then baseball struck and I quit watching. I had two whole boxes of baseball cards I gave away. Whe knows whose rookie card was in them?