Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Stanley the Younger

Annegb added me in so I could do a little site maintenance, and suggested I post something.

We've been discouraged by how our family scripture study has been going, so we decided to pick some familiar stories and talk about them. I chose the conversion of Alma the Younger. I explained to the kids that Alma and the sons of Mosiah went around trying to destroy the church.

Me: Do you think Alma and the sons of Mosiah were being good?
Jaymie (8) and Julia (5): No.
Me: What were they doing?
Jaymie: Trying to destroy the church.
Me: Julia, is that good?
Julia: No.
Stanley (3) (in a matter of fact tone): I want to destroy the church.
Me: You want to destroy the church?
Stanley: I want to destroy the church. I hate the gospel.
Kristen: Don't you like primary?
Stanley: No, I hate primary. I want to destroy the church.
Me: Are you sure?
Stanley: No, I love the church.

Yeah, I like annegb's posts better too.


annegb said...

I love Stanley. I bet a lot of kids want to destroy the church, depending on how boring their teacher is.

You made me laugh out loud. Kids are so real.

Thank you so much, Bryce.

Elizabeth-W said...

Whenever I read this sort of post I always feel better as a parent, knowing that if I'm failing my kiddos, at least I won't be alone in the hereafter.

john scherer said...

We took a trip to Kirtland a few weeks ago and my 20 month old tried to destroy the school of the prophets.

Good Times.

Susan M said...

Three year olds rule.

annegb said...

Bryce, you can write about your kids anytime. I love to hear about them, I like kids now that I'm old.

We had this sweetest bishop, very soft and kind, also sort of inept, but that's another story. His kids are the biggest brats in our ward, were, they're older now and okay.

But this one time his family was sitting in the front row of the church and the stake president was talking about being loving in our homes and his youngest boy (the bishop's) stood up and socked his older brother, and shouted loudly, "you stupid head!" We all cracked up.