Friday, May 26, 2006

Fuzzy Red Bathrobe questions

Have you ever met a famous person?

Yes, I met Rulon Gardner last year on the plane to Salt Lake City. He was very sweet and shy.

I met Senator Kempthorne, oh, Governor Kempthorne, who is up for some government thing in the cabinet. He's good looking and quite nice.

What living famous person would you love to meet?

Hmmm. . . .he's not all that famous, but he's cute, that guy who plays Denny Doucet on Grey's Anatomy. Taylor, of course, but only if I could have him sing for an hour and pick the songs.

What is the greatest physical risk you have taken?

Honestly, having my tubal ligation reversed was the scariest thing I've ever done physically. Also the bravest, I was completely petrified. But I knew there was a Sarah out there.

What is the greates physical danger you've ever been in?

Well, when I was eleven, I was making fun of several boys from another poor family and they got mad and chased me. They meant to do me serious harm. I know what adrenaline can do because I've never run so fast in my life. I can't believe, looking back I was so mean.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone. Bill is going fishing and I am vegging.


Susan M said...

Have you ever met a famous person?

I've met Bono and the Edge of U2, also Joan Baez, Kim Thayil of Soundgarden, that's all I can think of now.

What living famous person would you love to meet?

Mike Scott of the Waterboys. OK, he's famous to me.

What is the greatest physical risk you have taken?

I'm not sure. Probably that rollercoaster I went on a couple months ago. Or maybe just driving to work everyday.

What is the greatest physical danger you've ever been in?

I've been in a couple comas thanks to diabetes. Also in a bank robbery once, but I don't think the guy actually had a weapon.

Bryce said...

Depends what you mean by famous. I don't have too many brushes with fame to talk about. Of course, I'm not overly impressed by fame either, so I don't really have any famous people I would like to meet.

Physical risk? Again, I'm a boring guy.

Physical danger? Stupid teenage driver, didn't realize that flashing lights meant train coming. Made it with more than a few seconds to spare, but looking back, it was very stupid.

I'm going camping, and it's about to pour down rain.

Bryce said...

Actually, I think actually meeting annegb and susan m would be pretty cool.

Elizabeth-W said...

In light of your recent baseball post, I'll say a famous person I know is Scott Brosius (probably only famous to serious fans).

I can't think of any famous people I'd like to meet. I think I'd probably just ask dumb questions--worrying the whole time that they've only been asked that question by the last 50 people they'd been introduced to. I would like to ask GWBush a few questions, but I don't think he'd give me more than sound bites.

Greatest physical risk--It doesn't sound risky, but it felt risky--when I went to India, I flew into Bombay, and had to transfer from the international to the domestic airport. It was late, dark, I had to find a bus. That was terribly overwhelming/panicky for me.

Danger--I'm not much of a risk taker. Growing up in southern NM, I was camping with a group of young women from church (we were all at least 16, and were doing this on our own) and we had bears come into our camp. That was creepy.
Another time, years later, in one of my first social work jobs I was visiting with a family in Payson, and the dad had punched out his oldest child's front 4 teeth. I was visiting with the mom, trying to figure out what to do. The dad was there, and he got angry. He threw his chair against the wall, stood up, and he came right up to me, (I was sitting down, and he was towering over me) pointing his finger, shouting at me to get the F out of his house, that the government had no right to interfere with his parenting, blah blah blah. For about three seconds I thought for sure he was going to hit me, or worse. Then, I had a moment of either supreme insight and/or revelation, or supreme idiocy. I said something like, Well I see how you control this family through intimidation, but I'm not afraid of you. You are not going to hit me. And the weird thing was that I was looking at my feet as I said it. For whatever reason, he backed down.

Starfoxy said...

Have you ever met a famous person? I don't think I have. I might have, but I don't remember it.

What living famous person would you love to meet? I'm with Bryce on both accounts. I don't think famous people are any more interesting than regular people. I certainly have advice a few of them could use (ie, Donald Trump should get a new stylist). And I would definitely like to meet AnneGB.

What is the greatest physical risk you have taken? Once I climbed this rock face in my backyard when I was 10 or so. Looking back at it that was pretty risky.

What is the greatest physical danger you've ever been in. I got distracted while driving on a lonely curvy road late at night and nearly careened off a small cliff (The moon was gorgeous that night, what can I say?).

Bookslinger said...

Have you ever met a famous person?


What living famous person would you love to meet?

Shania Twain.

What is the greatest physical risk you have taken?


What is the greatest physical danger you've ever been in?

When I was a Merchant Marine cadet on an ocean-going oil tanker in the Bermuda Triangle, there was a problem with one of the turbines in the engine room, and we had to shut it down. There was a hurricane not too far from us, and without power, we got turned broadside to the waves. The chance of capsizing was not insignificant.

annegb said...

Dang, you guys have met some cool people! What is Joan Baez like? When I was younger, I aspired to be her, except for the fact that I couldn't sing.

Bookslinger: okay, I'll bite, who was it?

My Bill met Robert Urich and Kate Jackson. They came into the dealership when their cars broke down. Robert Urich was really cool and friendly, natural. Kate Jackson thought her butt was made out of gold.

Susan, I would love to talk to your baseball player and find out the intricasies==you know what I mean--of the game. To sit down and talk about Kurt B.

Elizabeth, when I read that, I gasped. You know, I had a thing like that when my son-in-law (former, he was a felon) tried to stop Jessie from leaving him. I pushed my way through and called the cops, but it was scary.

Susan, I want to hear about the bank robbery!

I've always thought I'd probably get shot if somebody said they had a gun--I'd ask to see it before I gave them the money.

annegb said...

I was thinking too of the stupid things we do when we are little kids, like we used to jump off this railroad bridge into the sand below, it seemed a long way, but maybe it was only ten or so feet.

We'd wait till a train was coming to jump. Isn't that crazy? We weren't scared, though, so I didn't count that.

We'd roam the streets of Long Beach on our skateboards till all hours of the night.

Kids are so stupid and foolhardy!

a. nonny spouse said...

Have you ever met a famous person?
If you count James Faust, one. If you don't, none.

What living famous person would you love to meet?
I think I would prefer to gape at famous people from afar and pretend not to be staring. Who, though? Let's say... Dave Matthews. Yeah.

What is the greatest physical risk you have taken?
Well, I'm a big wimp. Getting an epidural? Riding in the car while my husband drives?

What is the greates physical danger you've ever been in?
On my mission, late one night as we were getting back to the apartment (it was after 10), a vaguely familiar man with bleary red eyes approached us and told us that he wanted me. He said he'd been following us all week and (correctly) listed off all the places we'd been. He was getting mean and threatening, so we ran and he followed close behind. We ducked into a building that wasn't ours when we thought we'd lost him for sure before heading back to our apartment for the night. I didn't sleep.

Bookslinger said...

Famous people I've met:

In the 70's when I was in high school in Ohio, our track team spent a spring break at the University of Florida (Gainsville) working out twice a day to get ready for the season. They let us sleep in a big unused room at one of the athletic buildings.

We shared the shower and locker-room area with U-of-F athletes. One day while showering, I saw Marty Liquori, the famous runner, in the shower.

In 1976, Isaac Asimov spoke at the college I attended. I don't remember if I got to meet him up close.

In 1984 I met Elder Oaks and Elder McConkie at the St Louis MO airport on my way to Salt Lake City, while waiting at the gate to change planes.

I was starting my mission, wearing my black name-tag, but since I was headed towards SLC, and perhaps because I was a little older, they thought I was finishing a mission.

I felt like a private in the presence of generals. I offered to fetch them anything like something to drink. Elder Oaks politely declined, and Elder McConkie ran off to get a paper. Elder Oaks said they were tired after a long day and just wanted to rest, so I took the hint and withdrew and sat back down and left them alone.

Elder McConkie seemed brusque, but later I learned that he was suffering greatly from cancer, and he died almost exactly a year later. He was making a herculean effort to stay on the stake-conference circuit while being so sick.

After a few minutes a group of LDS college-age kids came by and flocked around them and talked to them for several minutes. I stayed seated like a good soldier.

Later in 1984, I met Elder F. Burton Howard, of the 70, at a missionary zone conference in Ecuador. He was having a bad day. He was angry about something, but I couldn't tell if it was a personal tragedy or a mission problem.

In late 1985 or early 1986 I met Elder Oaks again on my mission in Ecuador, he was traveling solo at that point.

annegb said...

What did Isaac Asimov look like?

Robert Redford came to the college and spoke, but that was way far off, so I forgot it. He was short, you guys, really short. Well, he probably still is.

I shook President Kimball's hand at the re-dedication of the St. George Temple.

What is Elder Oaks like? He seems mean.

Oh, I shoot Joseph F. Smith's hand, too. I don't think he was the prophet, then, though. He came to the ward I was visiting.

Bookslinger said...

Asimov looked like his pictures. Overweight. Long professor-like hair. Eccentric. Humorous in person like much of his writing.

Back in 1984 and 85, when Elder Oaks was first called, he was a lot softer than how he currently comes across at general conference. In person he was very nice.

I don't think he's mean. But his delivery is a bit forceful and strong in his conference talks.

I think F. Burton Howard softened up over the years. I thought he was angry, both in his conference talks in 83-86 and in person. But when I heard him a couple years ago, at general conference, it sounded like he mellowed out a lot. He's now a GA emeritus, and is a temple president somewhere.

I think Elder Howard had some personal or family tragedy that he was still dealing with in 1984. It may not have been a family member, but someone to whom he was connected might have died. It felt like there was an aura of an untimely death about him.