Monday, April 24, 2006

Well, I was up all night fighting with people on another blog. And this morning after I'd written them what is hopefully an abject apology, I was thinking about this guy in our elder's quorum presidency. He told about going to a guy (we'll call him Bob) and saying "Bob, I need to apologize for some terrible things I said about you."

Bob: "what did you say?"

guy: "I don't want to tell you. Can you forgive me?"

Bob: "what did you say?

guy: "well, I said you were a dirty rotten no good jerk. I'm sorry and I hope you'll forgive me."

I don't know, that always makes me smile, "I don't want to tell you. Can't you just forgive me without any further unpleasantness?"

So I was tired and trying to bring up my blood sugar as I was reading the paper and Bill was doing the checkbook (I love, love that he's doing the bills, all I have to do is spend the money) and he said, "what is this check?"

It's 7:30 am. It's still the middle fo the night to me. But I look blearily at the checkbook and find a check Princess Buttgold wrote for me Saturday when I was having a headache, to the Young Womens for $20. I said, "It's the Young Women, for $20."

He said, "what's it for" at the same time I said, "it's for a donation."

And he didn't hear me (he's hard of hearing and I mumble softly), "I said, what's it for, is it a donation?"

And I said, "no, Bill, I just felt like giving them $20 for no reason other than that I wanted to."

And he got mad because I was sarcastic, but I was too tired to fight, so I went back to bed.

Then I got up to go say prayers with him because I wasn't mad, just mind fogged, and he was in the bathroom and I said, "oh, I need you to give me my shot (long story)" and he looked at me and laughed and said, "I'll be glad to."

And I thought the better of it, and said, "oh, forget it" and started to run out of the bathroom and he got an evil look and said, "no, I would love to give you a shot right about now."

And I said, "no way, we'll do this another day."

And he sort of chased me around the bathroom, then promised not to hurt me and we were both laughing and he didn't hurt me, even though I probably would have hurt him.

And we went in and knelt together and he put his arms around me and we said prayers and it was all good.

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Anonymous said...

annegb, I love this. It gives me hope. Your blog is like magic.