Wednesday, April 26, 2006

new stove

Well, Bill has had his heart set on a gas stove, so I let him get a gas stove. To be fair, I could go with one because I bottle a lot and the burners on my electric stove have to be replaced a lot. It's paregoric (sometime I'll tell that story).

Anyway, yesterday, they put in the stove and Bill was really excited. I was blogging and e-mailing and reading and doing other stuff. He was flitting around the stove and the plumber guy who was putting in the gas outlet.

He called me in and discussed the electrical hookup, trying to decide whether we should hire an electrician to replace the 220 hookup in the back or just plug it into the outlet on the counter beside the stove.

I said I didn't want to wait that long and it was okay to plug it in. Then I went on to other things and he went to work.

But when I came out of the bathroom, there he was again, at home fussing over the stove. I said, "what are you doing?" And he held up a white extension cord and said he wanted to put it in a white cord to make it look nicer "for me." And I said, "no, I don't want an extension cord, I don't feel good about that."

And he got upset and said, "it looks better."

And I said, "I don't feel good about it."

And he said, "The plumber said it's fine."

And I thought, he's a plumber, not an electrician.

And I said, "No, I don't want it, use that other cord."

And he got mad and stomped out.

And we got in a big fight and other things came into the fight and I want to move out and have my own house, one bedroom with a front porch and a tree.

I slept for the last 24 hours, retreating into a tranquilized haze in order not to fight anymore. He, well, I don't know what he did.

And the poor lonely gas stove has not been used because we are both too stubborn to use it. We are eating cold food, or microwaving. It's possible we'll never use it. Maybe use it to hold plants or something.


Starfoxy said...

I really like reading your stories. Thank you for sharing them. :)

annegb said...

And we have finally used the stove and I think I've died and gone to heaven. Gas stoves rock! I was thinking of 45 years ago when my mom kept getting her hair burned off when she lit the stove.

This thing, it's down town.

Sarebear said...

You didn't say whether or not you burned your hair off like your mom.

You're not being clear, annegb!

Hee hee hee.

You know, from one point of view, my comment is funny. But in another mood, it's completely DORKY. Lol!

annegb said...

You kids are young, you don't remember having to light your stove and if you left it too long, it would flare up and burn you.

Heck, no Sara, it worked like a charm. I think I've died and gone to heaven.

Sara, I checked myself into the psyche unit last week. What an awful experience. I'll write you.

Sarebear said...

Oh no.

I'll be praying for you! Er, I mean that in the best way, not that, I'm just sayin it to make myself feel better and salve my own conscience, way. Or that even more insincere empty platitude way, kinda the way most people ask, So, How are you?

They don't really want to know, unless the answer is a one word Good, or Fine. ANYTHING else, or REALLY good and you want to talk about it, hell no, they don't wanna know. And everyone knows they don't really MEAN this question, it bugs the hell outta me.

Er, anyway. Stupid brain that goes off-track so much.

I wish I could give you a hug. Wait, $1000, THEN a hug. Cause $1000 is so eminently practical, and yet you could spent it all on chocolate covered gummy bears if you wanted.