Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I should explain my marriage a little.

Let me share a story which I think explains it. I was watching The View one day and they were all discussing "who would you marry if you had to marry a woman?" And I gave it some thought and thought, "I would marry Martha Stewart because she is a good housewife."

I thought about it some more and realized I did marry Martha Stewart. My husband is a male Martha Stewart. But a more nagging controlling Martha Stewart.

I must say in all honesty that he didn't do so well in the marriage sweepstakes either. I thought I was getting a younger, kinder, better-looking, more wonderful Gregory Peck, he thought he was getting a sweeter, whatever is better, homecoming queen, girl next door, who would worship at his feet forever. What he got was a female Joey Buttafooco. A slobbier one, too.

So that should explain a lot. I hope. I'm going to try to post a picture of my prom queen personna. Be no more mislead by that than by the chubby smiling Molly Mormon grandma personna.


Eric Nielson said...

It's amazing to me how little you know someone until after your married. I ended up doing quite well, but that is based more on being lucky (or blessed) than on making a really good rational decision.

annegb said...

Well, we didn't date for very long. I was cute and he was handsome and desperate, as he had custody of his two small children, so there you go.

What fools we were.

Thank you for stopping by, Eric.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"female Joey Buttafucco" LOL annegb. I am so excited to see you have a blog. You are going to be awesome! I never comment much, but I will be reading.


Elisabeth said...

I love this picture of your dogs! And I'm so glad you're blogging, annegb. Yeay!

Hellmut said...

Very funny, Anne. If you were married to the real Martha Stewart, you might find out that she is a big time nag :)

annegb said...

Hellmut, he is, trust me! He's the person who will put candles and a tablecloth with a nice bud vase of daisies. I microwave a hot dog.

But I like him today. So I will also tell you he is a very good man. Not a phony good man, a real good one. The kind of old farmer who keeps his yard clean and pays his bills and wordlessly fixes the neighbor's lawn mower.

annegb said...

SKL, how nice you came by! I couldn't figure out how to spell Buttafucco, but it didn't look right. Thanks. :)

Elisabeth, those aren't our real dogs, but we do have two dogs like that. I was actually trying to post that picture of me, but I clicked on a thing that said "cute Picture "(how conceited am I, well one can be of a 25 year old photo) and it turned out the dogs and I thought that was very funny, so I left it.