Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I've had a few e-mails from people who've found this so I though I would post something. I don't have anything profound, but maybe you will find my relationship with my husband interesting. I think we're a funny couple.

Bill is a Felix Unger, all tidy and I am a slob, but a big mouth one. He's a great big guy, not fat, very handsome, and I am short and chubby and big mouthed.

We argue constantly. We argue about stupid things. For instance, we got in the biggest fight about the Marvin Hagler/Sugar Ray Leonard fight. I was adamant that Sugar Ray was going to be mauled and humiliated. Bill just kept saying quietly, "sugar Ray is going to win."

I said, "You are out of your mind. Marvin Hagler is younger, his arms are longer, he's heavier and he's had a fight recently."

Pretty soon I got ballistic and we started yelling and questioning the validity of our commitment to each other. I was ready to move out. Finally he stomped out and the fight ended. We didn't speak for two weeks.

Sugar Ray won. Bill, to this day, has never said a word. I would so have been "you suck, I was right." But he was very quiet. I bet he went to bed with a big grin, though.

I was ready to divorce my husband over a prize fight. That is our marriage.

A few weeks ago, Bill asked me, "is your appointment next Tuesday?"

And I said, "yes"

And he said, "I thought it was this Tuesday."

And I said, "No, it's the (and I said the date)."

And he said, "that's next Tuesday"

And I said, "no, it's not, next Tuesday is in two days."

And he said, "no, that's next Tuesday. The week after is Tuesday is Tuesday after next."

We spent about 15 minutes debating the grammatically correct way to express the day, or the day after next. I was yelling by the time we finished. He was laughing. Then our daughter came over and we asked her opinion. She was with her dad.

I think they're both out to lunch.

Consequently, it often seems we are speaking a different language and get mixed up about appointments because he thinks this week's Tuesday means this Tuesday and I think it means next Tuesday because it hasn't come yet.

Another thing I do to play with his head is pretend I don't understand what he's talking about.

Like he will say, "I need to go to a meeting Wednesday night for scouts."

And I will say, "Are you saying you will be home then?"

And he will say, "no, I'm saying I'm going to a meeting then."

And I will say, "but you just said, you'd be at a meeting. So I assumed you'd be home."

And he will get red in the face and say, "that's what I said, I'll be at a meeting."

And I will say, "okay, I'll be home, too, we can talk about the bills."

And he will say, "No, I'll be at scouts."

And I will say, "you just said you'll be home."

And he will yell, "I just said I'll be at the church.

And I will say, "well, why did you tell me you'd be home?"

And he will say, "I didn't say I'd be home! I said I'd be at the church."

And I will say, "you don't have to be mean to me just because you can't be clear."

And he will say, "I was clear!"

And sooner or later I will start laughing and he will laugh too.

Every once in awhile, he does it to me. It's maddening. But I keep doing it because it's so fun to get him going.

This is why he would be bored with another woman.


A. Nonny Mouse said...

Annegb, I think I just found a great way to have fun with the Nonny Spouse tonight!


a. nonny spouse said...

This is why he would be bored with another woman.

I love this. And I'm excited about the genesis of the annegb blog. :)

Barb said...

Funny! I always get tripped up with the time thing and the this tuesday and next tuesday and other nuances relating to time and numbers.

annegb said...

Oh, Barb, I owe you an e-mail.

Writing right away :)

Susan M said...

Anne I'm a so happy that you're blogging! This post was hilarious. You have the best voice of anyone in the bloggernacle, hands down.

Mo Mommy said...

Me: Next tuesday is next week, THIS tuesday is this week.
Dh: Next tuesday is this week, AND this tuesday is this week.

Keeps life interesting I guess....

annegb said...

Mo, I'm cracking up. That is so us. It gets worse as you get older.

Maybe we should just write down the exact date on a big piece of paper and keep it in front of us when we are discussing things. Communicate in writing.

Susan, thank you. You know, I'm sort of certifiable.

I spent the last 24 hours in the psyche ward. Food for stories, hon. Nurse Ratchett is alive and well.

Sarebear said...
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Heather O. said...

You do know that you have been nominated for RS president of the Bloggernacle, right?

annegb said...

Hey, Heather!

Well, if I were (note subjunctive case) RS President, we would have Motown for Prelude and Postlude.