Sunday, April 30, 2006

Many husbands??

Well, things have quieted down considerably, and as Bill and I were watching TV this evening, a promotion came on for a news show story about a woman with two husbands.

I barely noted it, but I thought Bill was going to throw up. "That's just wrong" he stormed. "That's disgusting and gross!"

I glanced over at him and smiled and asked, "Do you think it's grosser than polygamy?"

"Well, yes, of course. Don't you?"

And I said, "no, not particularly. I think they both sound like masochistic lifestyles."

And I sat there and watched the end of Law and Order, Criminal Intent, thinking my husband thinks it's grosser for women to have a lot of sex with two husbands than the other way around.
And every once in awhile, a chuckle escaped.


Michelle said...

That's about how my husband reacted when we read a news article about the practice of polyandry in Tibet. It made me laugh too. :)

annegb said...

Men, huh? Gotta love em'...

Although, geez, at my age I can't imagine having that much sex. I get all the sex I need from Femininist Mormon Housewives :).

Ann said...

Hi, Anne. I'm so glad you have a blog! Don't get bored with it, 'kay? I don't want to be the only grandma in the 'nacle.

annegb said...

Do you have a blog, Ann?

I spent an hour last night trying to put links on my site, but I can't figure it out. It didn't work. I e-mail people for help and I can hear them sigh.

You're the only sane grandma on the blog.

Ben S. said...

Watch "Paint Your Wagon" sometime. It's a musical about Clint Eastwood sharing a wife with Lee Marvin. And it has a polygamous Mormon. And Clint Eastwood singing "I Talk to the Trees."

Good for a laugh.

annegb said...

LOL, I think I'll rent it for Bill and just say, "this is a really cool movie, I thought you'd like it."

Bryce said...

annegb --

if you need template help, give me a holler.

It's about time you got yourself a blog. Good show.

annegb said...

I do need help, Bryce! I'm trying to start a blogroll, but I can't figure out how. I like the green, though, it's sort of calming to me.

I'll e-mail you if I can't get it going.