Saturday, July 11, 2009

On Napping

I'm not sure, but I think I fell asleep during a call the other day. It was rather embarrassing, but it was 11:30 at night and who cared if that guy couldn't get his voicemail. It was about a half second doze, but all kinds of things went wrong. He was very nice about it :).

Working until nearly midnight and having other obligations during the day are seriously cramping my style. I do take quick naps in my car during lunch (I'm waiting for the day I fall asleep and come back after a couple of least I'll be refreshed).

Jared is here and he and Bill are putting in a walkway, they'll bring the grandkids over in a little while. I'm giving them strict instructions that Grandma is napping and they have to play outside or play stealthily in the house. Hmmm.....we'll see how that goes.

Yesterday I met Cathy Can & Bridgitte of Life in Red Shoes fame for lunch. I was hungry, and they were late, so I ordered appetizers---potstickers, brie in phyllo, and stuffed mushrooms. Then, while they had salads, I had soup and a french dip sandwich. Then I had dessert. Well, they were paying, so I had a good old time.

Awesome women, both of them. I felt so comfortable, you know how you feel when you feel you've known someone forever? Old friends.

Then I went home and had to lay flat for two hours before work because I was so full and sleepy.

Bill waited up for me last night, usually, he's sound asleep when I get home (I often wonder how soon it would occur to him to look for me if I was abducted after work...I think maybe two days) and it was nice to touch base. I usually just see him for a brief moment in the morning when I'm still half asleep and then we talk during the day, but we never see each other, really, until my days off. He objects, but it may be one of the reasons we don't fight anymore.

I have had sleep at the forefront of my mind since July 14, 1971, when my first child was born. I've been sleepy ever since. I count the hours till I can go back to bed again. It's not the greatest way to live and it occurred to me the other day that maybe everybody doesn't go around sleepy all day. I drink coke, I drink lots of water, I eat, I take drugs and I cannot wake up.

Amazing what you can accomplish in your sleep.


cathycan said...

So fun to meet you! Lunch was delicious and now, when I read your posts, I can picture you and hear your voice! You are way cuter in person!
I am tired too but can't seem to sleep late even on the rare occasion when it's possible! Love to catch a quick nap in a warm car!

annegb said...

"You are way cuter in person!"
LOL....I am the least photogenic person I know. My grandmother and I were looking at family pictures once and there was a really bad one of me. She was quiet for a minute...and then said, "some people are just not photogenic."

I always think I'm smiling and I'm not. My kids yell, "smile, Mom!" and I say, "I am smiling!" Then I just show my teeth. Like a little kid.

Did you guys feel sickly full afterward? I'm going to go back and buy the potstickers when I make Chinese next...I make the egg foo young and brown gravy, and buy shrimp, and other stuff. I haven't really had a good egg roll since China Garden closed down here.

But those potstickers were yum!

lifeinredshoes said...

We were so stuffed that we skipped dinner! The food was good, but came in second to the great company.
So glad we met, hope you feel better soon.