Sunday, July 19, 2009

I love my son-in-law but I'm mad at Bill

Brad is without conceit. This is what he did last time he visited us: he forgot his church clothes and shoes. So he wore Bill's white shirt and pants and tie and his keds. He and Bill are pretty tall, but Bill is a lot bigger than he. He looked kind of funny with this big old clothes, pants cinched up tight in a belt, with his keds. He didn't care, he just went to church. I just think that's so cool.
(Brad and his grandma--he's that kind of guy)
...because Bill is so conceited about his looks he would never do that. He has nicer clothes than I and spends more time in the bathroom than I do. I find it tremendously annoying, I can tell you, to be married to a handsome man who knows it.

And now I'm ticked because I want to go to San Antonio to visit our grandchildren and he's sort of dragging his feet. He doesn't want to spend the money. He's telling me we are poor. But, I know he's really trying to save $$ and vacation time so he can go on the week long hunt with his friends in September. He has never once in all these years (27) put a family event above his fishing and hunting plans. And even if I gripe about this, he will just suddenly magically find the money to go to San Antonio AND hunting.

Last week, he said he had this great idea. We are getting our grandson Alex for a few days and I wanted him to stay for a week and spend time with the his cousins. Bill said, "hey you know I could take Alex back and take him fishing with my sister and her family for a few days." This has nothing to do with taking the grandson fishing. It has everything to do with fishing. I put the kabosh on that because hell, if he's going to spend time with them fishing, why go get him at all?

But I bet you $10 he will still go fishing with his sister's family.
(the fashion plate at the wedding)

I'm ticked. Thank you for listening.


cathycan said...

Anne! Wow, so many posts! You sound good! Now what would you tell me about your travel plan dilemna..."just go without him!"
I am going on the 9 day campout, I just decided to suck it up and grin and bear it. And get therapy next fall! I'll keep you posted abt. the much dreaded camp out.
"the fashion plate" and "getting out the fatted lasagna" haha, funny gal!

annegb said...

You guys inspired me. I knew you would go on the campout. It was a nice fantasy for me, though, your refusal :).

I don't want to go to San Antonio that bad. I just think Bill should go see his grandsons. You know, there's nothing in Texas I ever wanted to see. Plus it's close to Mexico and I don't want to be there for the invasion.

I always have to take somebody with me to push the wheelchair.

We worked it out.