Monday, September 14, 2009

Mormon Businessmen

We had a general authority speak here yesterday. I can't remember his name right off, but it's not really important. I was just thinking how many general authorities are rich businessmen. At least, in our community, almost all the stake presidents, etc. are businessmen! Successful ones.

And a lot of them are jerks. Everyone has a story about being cheated by a businessman. Two of my best friends come from very wealthy families. I mean millions. One friend has a brother who was a mission president and is now the temple president, I won't say where. But I know for a fact that this guy has cheated his own family out of big bucks. He and his high councilman brother have stolen tons of money from his sisters.

My other friend's brother-in-law, recently released as a bishop, tried to develop and sell some property left to the family when his parents died; he actually sold some of it, without ever having the title because it was in the family trust and belonged to everyone. His siblings took him to court and forced him to back out of the deal, much to his chagrin, but he feels no remorse whatsoever.

You hear about this stuff in Utah all the time. Rich guys being put in high callings and stories, folk tales, or fables about the legendary asshole-ness of said person.

You guys ever experience any of that and what's up with that?


cathycan said...

that's one of those things you'll just have to put up on a shelf, to think about no more, a mystery, something you don't need to worry your purty lil' head over...

Take care, gotta run to Home Depot...need more shelves.

Sunshine said...

eh... don't even get me started on rich guys, well okay rich guys, or popular people getting all the good callings.

Seems to happening alot in our ward... all.of.the.damn.time!

Elder Zwick was his name, and good talk but couldn't for the life of me figure out why it was so important that he come down here and talk to us. It's not like his message hasn't been told before!

Bookslinger said...

What? Are you guys looking for "perfect men"? There are none; can't find 'em.

Or like one of my female divorced friends told me: "Perfect men? Now there's an oxymoron!"

The Lord can't wait for people to develop perfection before he puts them to work. He needs stuff done now.

I'm still an ex-member, and I got two or three callings now. I figure our stake must be scraping the bottom of the barrel.

And hey, the church needs some rich people to help pay the freight for all those who take out more than they put in. Plus it's expensive to run the church. A small ward building can cost $3,000 a month just in utilities (water, electric, gas). It's expensive to heat and cool a building that's used almost every day by three congregations, a Family History Center, and Institute.

Plus, with the economic downturn, the church is bringing in a lot less in tithing and offerings.

Thank God for rich people in the church! God bless 'em, and make more of 'em!

annegb said...

Bookslinger! where have you been? Are you shunning MM?

No, it's not about perfection in the men we choose, it's about honesty. The men I cite are not honest businessmen. Or is that an oxymoron?

You're right, though, about needing the rich guys. Never thought of it that way.

Sunshine, yeah, it was sort of a "what was that all about" experience, huh? I fully expected the stake to be split. Hmmm...

I don't know what you consider a "good" calling, but I'd prefer to be unpopular. I don't want any calling.

cathycan, that's putting life in perspective. I wish you'd come redo my house ;)

Bookslinger said...
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