Tuesday, August 25, 2009


We are all waiting for our first letter from Brad. He's been gone three weeks and Sarah is getting to know the mailman intimately. No letters yet.

Attempting to comfort her, I got out James' old letters from boot camp. He really was an excellent letter writer for a kid. Only 17 and he wrote me almost every day, really descriptive letters. I haven't read them in years, and it was hard at first. I only read a couple and set them aside.

But now I find them incredibly comforting. He was happy and enjoying the challenge of boot camp. He describes his drill instructers and the daily routine quite well, actually.

While looking for them, I found a bunch of letters my grandmother, who died, oh maybe 20 years ago. I only met her after my father died, but she wrote faithfully until her death.

Grandma shares her love over and over. How did I not notice that?

Reading them now gives me a whole fresh perspective into these two people. I recommend saving letters from important people, even more now. I'm going to put pink ribbon around Grandma's and do a better job of preserving the letters from loved ones in the future.

And you know, although I probably write more letters than most people, I'm going to write more letters as well. Letter writing is becoming a lost art, so much so that receiving a letter in the mail is pretty darn exciting.

My goal: write more letters and find a better way to preserve the ones I've saved!


cathycan said...

I saved all of my letters, from family and friends, while in college. A few years ago, I mailed off the friend's letters, thinking they may want them, as they are their history.
I put all of mine in chronological order and hope someday to type them up.

lifeinredshoes said...

Holy Whip! I had to check twice to see if I had the right blog! Looks good:)
As for me, I have a few letters from my Grandmothers...treasures.

Stephen said...

I write so many e-mails, had a bad computer crash and lost so much of my last fifteen years correspondence ...

But yes, writing and saving letters is a wonderful thing.