Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Me and Bill are so screwed

That's what we say to each other a lot these days: "We are so screwed." Because we're both going senile, but in different ways (so they're all covered, you know) and we're losing our health.

Bill can't work the remotes for the TV and I have to do it all for him and he will mess it up and I'll have to fix it for him. I lose stuff all the time now and literally, within seconds, forget important things and friends. I have that face recognition problem(I read about it in People magazine and instantly diagnosed myself) where people with similar features look the same to me and that's disconcerting. I've been faking it a lot, I tell you, a lot.

The other day at Wal-Mart, I saw a woman I recognized and said "hello." And she greeted me in return. And it bugged me to death because I had no clue who she was or how I knew her. Finally, I went up to her and asked her and she laughed and said, "I was thinking the same thing."

It bugged both of us (she looked about 15 years older than I, but really really hot for an old broad) and we stood there for five minutes trying to figure it out.

Yesterday, while dusting, I found a $20 bill I'd stuck under a doily. I have no idea why I did that or where the money came from. Now THAT is senility because we are not rich and I so wouldn't lose track of $20 in my right mind.

Last night Bill and I were watching The Waitress (a really sweet show) together and I was thinking about all the pies and I said, "You know, maybe I should make the pies from scratch this year. Pecan would be nice. I haven't made a scratch pie in years."

And he looked at me and asked, "You used to make scratch pies?"

I sat up and stared at him in amazement because my crust is really a thing of wonder and he loved my pies! I just stared at him, didn't say a word. And he said, "well I know you make the crust, I meant the filling."

And I can't tell you how relieved I was. Because I don't know who's going to take care of us. Although I have a death wish, I would so worry about him if I die first because I wouldn't want anybody to be mean to him. I can see that happening.

I know if I out-live him and become old, nobody will still mess with me. Hell, I'll hide some pepper spray somewhere. Might forget where I put it, but I would so not tolerate mistreatment. I can see my poor sweet befuddled husband just being bullied all over the place.

These are the things one thinks about just before retirement.


Ann said...

I think people have said this to you before, but have you been to a doctor? Because it may not be senility, it may not be early onset Alzheimer's, it may be something that can be FIXED.

Seriously. A woman I know was diagnosed 15 years ago with early onset Alzheimer's and they just found out about three years ago that the diagnosis was wrong, that she had water on her brain or something like that. It could have been fixed at the time, but now the damage is permanent.

You should see a doctor. Both of you.

I will stop ranting now.

How are you? Post about your Christmas plans, please.

annegb said...

No, actually, Ann, nobody's said that. Mostly because I'm always at the doctor's LOL. I have been tested and may have some early dementia and/or arteriosclerosis. My doctor watches me closely. Well, I watch myself closely.

Now, Bill, different story. He's embarrassed and keeps saying he's just stressed. I do have serious concerns. He's a home teacher to a woman who is over the senior program here and I asked her to test him.

She was embarrassed and said, "how does he feel?" I said, "I'll ask him to ask you." I'll probably have to throw a fit, but I do believe something is going on.

Right now, I'm concerned. I'll keep you posted.

annegb said...

ps, I'm hoping to get organized enough to post some Christmas pictures. I have the most pretty tree this year and I spent the least time on it!

pepektheassassin said...

LOL I understand PERFECTLY! It must be something in the water, in the air! Oh, gosh. Sounds like you see enough doctors. What you have is something that's goin' AROUND!