Friday, December 14, 2007

"I deleted my guest post" Guest Post by Barb

I deleted my last guest post. I really hate to reveal how human I can be sometimes.

I like to think I am above all that. At any rate, I am so thankful to have counted many as my friends online. And thank you, Annegb, for all the support again and again. I know you hate it when I delete guest posts. I don't know if you even saw the post yet. The guest post was titled "On being Hurt."

Without giving details to what ancient history hurts I spoke of, I want to review a few things that I have learned in all these months.

First, I cannot expect a person to be responsible for the level of hurt that they caused when an ordinary person would not have been so sensitive. I know we are always to forgive, but I make it a harder offense to forgive because I am so sensitive. In addition, if a person really fell short and hurt me on purpose, then they are human and have not mastered that part of themselves yet. I need to allow them that without overlooking all the many ways that they have done good.

I have not mastered all areas of myself. And we may never fully master even the areas that are our strengths in this life. Also, I have hurt others myself and do recognize this. I try not to be a petty person. My weakness is thinking that people may not like me because I am unbalanced. In truth, I am surprised how very normal so many people treat me. Thank you all!


annegb said...

Barb, we're all afraid to reveal our soft spots. It's scary. People might not like us or we might look stupid.

As Mother Teresa would say, "do it anyway." You never know who might need what you have to say. People read blogs but never comment.

As far as forgiveness, that's a hard one, but I like your point of view.

Anonymous said...

Annegb, thanks for your encouragment to share. :) I wanted to add that it has been humbling at times to learn much later some of the trials that people who I felt slighted by were going through. I probably barely registered in the hurricaine that surrounded them at the time. And one of the people who sort of hurt me, later made me feel good by saying that he hoped I was well in an email. I thought that was so nice. And when I learned what he must have been up against at that time, I fel so bad that I troubled him. I wish he did not do what he did in his life. But I feel so bad for all the pain that he must have been experiencing leading up to that decision. --Barb