Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm back

I thought I would probably die from this latest round of mononucleosis. It hit so hard, I couldn't sit up for long, let alone stand.

However, I am practically cured. This is the third time in the last twelve years I've had acute mono, dealing with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia in the times between, plus the affects of aging and my deep and chronic depression.

This time, however, I knew the drill. I got into my NAET practitioner and began treatment for viruses and mono and epstein-barr. I know there's no cure, but there sure is hope and relief and the day after my first treatment, I was on my way to remission. My medical doctor told me just to live with it and take it easy.

The NAET guy put me on his machine, then he did the acupressure with exposure to the virus, sent me home with a portable stimulater (NOT a vibrator), and I kept up with it and damn if I don't feel a whole new person.

I have no illusions about a complete cure. But I know I will never be debilitated for years as I was before I started alternative medicine. That was about two years ago.

I have another witch doctor who puts glasses on me and they flash lights and once he hit my trigger points with a laser while ringing some sort of chime. And I felt better! I'm not one to pretend to feel better if I don't. This stuff works somehow.

I believe, too, there's a science behind it because this time, on Monday, I had a blood test for mono and epstein barr counts at the hospital that took four days to come back. Friday morning, I got into my NAET guy. His machine took seconds to show a high virus count, and his treatment took about 20 minutes. An hour after I got home, I got the call from my doctor saying that the blood test showed acute mono and high EB counts. Nothing they could do, they said, just rest. I said, "thanks." And thought I'd have saved a lot of time being ill, and money, if I'd just gone to the source in the first place.

No lie, you guys. This stuff works.


barb said...

I'm glad you are back! I didn't know you had mono that many times plus everything else. I do think that alternative medicine is the route to go sometimes. It sounds like it was they way for you.

Silus Grok said...

Welcome home!

Elizabeth-W said...

AngieB, you have told us waaay too much by adding that "not a vibrator" comment. :)
I had mono once and it was a beast! I do hope you feel better, any which way you can get to it.

Sarebear said...

Oh no, I hope you feel better soon, now, etc.!

I had so much fun that time we met, but I'm worried you guys think I'm a big dork, or think less of me after having met me.

I don't know why I worry that, except maybe w/my anxiety disorders I worry about everything.

One of my meds makes me so tired all the time (not comparing it to your mono; just a quick blurb on how I've been doing!!!).

summershine said...

My mom was very ill with EB a few times when I was young. It hit her so bad once, I remember her trying to clean up the house on hands and knees.
Thankfully that was her last serious bout with it and 18 years later she hasn't had a recurrence.
I hope you feel better soon.

annegb said...

Thanks, you guys. This is actually the third time I've had acute mono, ie, high EB counts, and summershine, I have literally been on my knees. It drives me crazy when my house is so awful, it gets so dirty.

Sara, you are one of the most intelligent on the bloggernacle, just hiding it behind silly a lot of the time. I always admire your intellect when you post. We don't think you're a dork.

elizabeth, speaking of sexual favors, I have several massage things that I use on my back and feet and I look at them and I just can't figure out how in the world one would get sexual satisfaction from that. The pictures one would conjure up just seem quite ridiculous.

I asked Sarah what a lap dance was the other day (she spoke of a girl who did that). Perhaps I will ask her about the usage of a vibrator. I'm stymied.

annegb said...

ps And she laughed and turned red and looked at me and said, "you really don't know?"

I was quite serious. I said, "no, I can't see the attraction of having a person dance around on one's lap. It seems like the heels would hurt."