Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Bill and I are both hard of hearing. My hearing loss is recent, but it's sure been interesting. I borrowed his hearing aid for my right ear and it was amazing how much better I could hear. Do you have any idea how much hearing aids cost??? $4000. Yup. Tons. My implants are costing a little over $5000, so hearing aids are out for me for awhile. I want Bill to let me wear one and he can wear one, but he's emotionally attached to them now. I told him the doctor said my ears are very very clean, but he's keeping them hidden from me now.

Last night, after we got little Rowan to sleep and we were both exhausted and lying in bed, he said, "what's that?"

I said, "what?"

And he said, "I said, goodnight, hon."

And I laid there a minute, then I just cracked up. And we both had a laugh.

Today, after dealing with Rowan(she is such a pistol, talks and moves non-stop), the dogs, the bills, and the house, I headed uptown at noon to do some errands and take her to a craft class at the craft store. I live 5 miles out of town. I took Bill his lunch, but as I got out of the car, realized I didn't have my purse.

"Bad word."

I went into the dealership with Rowan carrying Grandpa's lunch and said, "Hi hon, I am having the worst day. I forgot my purse and I have to go back home and get it."

He said, "Before you go, I need a couple of checks for Home Depot."

I said, "I forgot my purse and I have to go back home and get it."

He said, "where's your drivers license?"

Me: Head exploded.

What a day. I also owe Rowan a million dollars when I get it because we made a bet that Max didn't have a middle name and Max didn't think he did, and guess what, he does. So I'm in hock to my granddaughter till eternity.

And me and Bill are wandering through our days failing to communicate.


Elizabeth-W said...

At least Bill has an excuse. I have whole conversations with Shazzy about my day, and two seconds later he'll ask, So what happened with ____ today?, something I could have sworn he was listening to me tell him 10 seconds prior....Geez!
When my dad was a little boy it was his dream to get a hearing aid. He thought he could be spy-ish.

Barb said...

It sounds like some funny minsunderstandings!

They have those devices on tv that are supposed to amplify sounds such as birds and the tv if low--maybe they would be good until you can get hearing aides.

I wanted my dad to get one so he could listen to his program with offensive jokes about people was on. The show was cancelled though. He has another show that he watches that is pretty funny, but the F word is used a lot and he has the volume up so high that I hear it even if I am far away.

My dad used to call me Moral Court because I used to go lululululululuu a lot to drown out anything offensive. Now I let my guard down too much and only do it if something is really bad.