Monday, February 12, 2007

Now I wish it were faster. . .

That's pretty much all I have to say. I am having so much fun.

I have joined my sister to E Harmony and LDS Singles. I plan to pick the guys, too, because despite the fact that she's kind of a battle axe, she's very gullible about men. So I will be the one to tell them "hit the road, Jack" if anything seems out of line.

LDS singles is interesting because they post tons of pictures, unlike E Harmony. Although it costs.

I've joined and listed every school (almost) that I went to. Which why doesn't anyone post their pictures? I want to see what my old boyfriend looks like now.

I just wish it would go faster. It's hard to blog and surf the web and keep up with e-mail and play hearts all at the same time.


Barb said...

You are better than me. I usually only do one thing at a time.

I hope your sister finds someone special.

I signed up for the free membership to one of the sights. I put something like...I have a lot of problems and I mean a lot in the bio. Almost immediately I got a response. I was able to read it when they gave me a temporary free extended membership. He said that my problems could not be as bad as all that and expressed interest in getting to know me. That was so sweet. I toned down my message to basically show I was unavailable and yet have a positive message. I did meet a friend for the short-term there who was interesting to get to know a little.

I watched "Hope Floats" the other day. I had seen it before, but don't think I saw it all the way from the beginning. I was crying afterwards. I am not sure if it was her first husband cheating on her and the thought of a husband falling out of love with me that scared me or the fact that I may never have anybody love me like the man who loved her so much. Well, I had men who liked me a lot, but it was not mutual at the same time.

But I am better now.

Bookslinger said... is a free web site for LDS dating.

Ann said...

I met my husband on LDS Friends. It was free at the time. Not sure about now.

LDSMom said...

I met my husband at It's still free, although it's not necessarily only for dating.