Monday, February 05, 2007

My garbage can is my new best friend

I am a pat rack. Uh. rat pack. Strike that. Reverse it. I save stuff just in case and if somebody I loved blows their nose, I frame the tissue. As a consequence, we have a house crammed with junk.

Lately, I have been feeling much better and going through stuff and hauling out bags of garbage. And it is garbage. As I am going through old drawers and find ragged clothes, I say to myself, "make the garbage can your friend, this has filled the measure of its creation" and I toss it. It is working for my messed up psyche and the house is much more organized and clean. It also smells better, not that old grandma moldy smell.

So, at the risk of offending the environmentalists (well, recycle as much as possible), I would like to say to you, meet your new friend, the garbage can.


Elizabeth-W said...

Annegb, I miss you!!!! Glad you're feeling better.
I love that phrase, fulfilled the measure of its creation, and use it in the exact same context!
I love to get rid of stuff. The second my baby's jeans get a little short, they are promptly taken to the DI pile. Just Saturday I made Shazzy go through all the Elmo videos, Blues Clues stuff, and put that in the DI pile, but my house is still cluttered. Too many books, too many toys, too many too many. Maybe we just need bigger houses! Kidding! :)
In the spring, I really do get the bug and start de-cluttering.

kerry said...

I've missed you, too!

What great advice! I've been moping around all day, but I think instead I'll go tackle the closet and see which of my treasures have filled the measure of their creation and can now make everybody a little happier by moving into the philanthropic thrift store down the street.

So glad you're back! I'll check in often for more gems!

Barb said...

Hello garbage can. I hope you are not a fair weather friend. I imagine you are an equal opportunity friend and will let her throw away stuff in any season.