Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I have DSL!

I got DSL yesterday. I've been plodding along on dial-up, where it takes a half hour to complete a search. This is downtown, you guys.

Bill and Sarah wouldn't use my computer because it was so slow.

I am having a blast with it, too, all over the planet looking for stuff. I've been playing Who Wants to be a Millionaire on-line (did you know JFK went to Stanford?) and checking out my netflix queue and reading the Drudge report.

And it doesn't cost more because I bundled on Qwest. And guess what, we have satellite with 185 channels, too! Which I think 60's music is the best music. I love the travel and food channels and animal planet. There is actually a whole channel devoted to gay Mormons which I haven't watched.

This is all very exciting.


Michael said...


What is the name of the channel dedicated to gay Mormons? I have never heard of a channel just for us. I only know of the regular gay channels. Please let me know what the name of it is! Thanks.

Silus Grok said...

Heaven Help Us! Anne'sgot an upgrade!


Barb said...

I have extra high speed. It is one of my favorite luxuries. I hope you really enjoy. We have digital cable with Music Choice. I like to listen to the 70's channel when they play the really mellow stuff. Karen Carpetner, John Denver, James Taylor(my brother's favorite), the list goes on.... I also like the easy listening depending on what they are playing. Does that mean I am getting old if I like what is often termed elevator music? :-\

annegb said...

Michael, I think it's LOGO. But I'll check and get back to you. Where are you at? I'm in Cedar City.

Barb, I'm starting to like elevator music, also. My Jessie calls it "traveling music."

Stephen said...

It really is neat to be on broadband, isn't it. I moved to a VOIP phone and the cost of cable internet + sunrocket = prior basic telephone service alone.

I'm so pleased.

Anonymous said...

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Lisa M. said...

ONce you come to DSL, nothing else will do.

I'm still here my dear. I've missed you-

Kim Siever said...

Welcome to the Internet. :)