Saturday, September 09, 2006

My boy toys

I'm back from a beautiful and restful place. I'm thinking of running away there permanently. I could blog from the pines with a gentle river running nearby. No dogs barking, no traffic or lawn mowers.

The people were pretty cool, also. As you would imagine, I now have several life long friends. Bill had a good time fishing and banging around at 5 am. Geez, Louise, the man is a menace.

I have lots of good stories, but the best one is what happened to me and Pauline Thursday night. The guys were late and we decided to go out to eat (we'd had Reflexology treatments earlier, the life of Riley).

We walked into the crowded restaurant our masseuse (no clue how to spell that) recommended and looked around without hope, thinking we'd have to go to Subway. They have a Subway in the forest.

The waitress came up and we asked if anybody was almost through and she said, "hey why don't you sit with these guys?" There were four young guys sitting at a large table and they were loudly amenable, so I went over and sat by them. Pauline just stood there, horrified. She said she couldn't sit with men she didn't know.

I thought, "oh, heck, Pauline, these are barely men. You have children older than they are." They looked like early 20's.

Finally I persuaded her to come sit with us and we ordered a great dinner. We had the best time with those guys. They were smart and funny and as it turns out, in their 30's. Everybody looks young to me nowadays. Three were married and one, the cutest, had to look at Jessie's picture. He had to because I made him.

One had read The Kite Runner, and they were impressed that I was a blogger. They were probably impressed that I even knew what a blog was. They showed me a Blackberry (guess what I'm getting for Christmas) and we had a good old time. We laughed and laughed. They were impressed that I could laugh without being drunk. I'm pretty sure they were on their way to a good drunk.

They were kind of like you young guys, funny and smart and good. And oh, guess what? One was a doctor and two were lawyers. The scruffy cute one, who I thought was the under achiever younger brother tag along was a lawyer!

Pauline was sort of mortified by our daring. She couldn't wait to tell Paul about our scandalous dinner with a bunch of guys we weren't married to. Paul and Bill were completely uninterested and underwhelmed. They were focused on fixing steaks for their dinner, repairing the boat, and lamenting a day without a lot of fish (they got skunked). They didn't even worry that their wives had dinner with young good looking smart guys. Well, who were younger than our children.

It's fun being the old broad because you don't have to worry if you eat like a pig and you can be yourself. I think I'll get me some boy toys.


Barb said...

I like my guy friends that are a decade younger than me. I met one of them when he was on leave from Iraq and introduced him to some of the Young Single Adults here and he developed a crush. Sadly, I lost his email address when I changed my email account so I lost track of him. I feel I can talk on subjects with them pretty good because I know it is not going to lead anywhere. I don't flirt with them or anything like that. It is just plain nice to have friends of all ages. I like having female friends of all ages as well. Well, my brother did say that I was the "social butterfly" of the family.

Bookslinger said...

If you're ever in Indianapolis, I'll be one of your boy-toys.

The problem with single women near my age in the church is that I can't be nice to them. As soon as I show any degree of politeness or common courtesy, they assume I have a mad crush on them.

So for now, I'd rather date old broads.

Silus Grok said...

I've got loads of ladies in my life... of course, I'm just their safe gay friend. But I don't mind.

: )

A. Nonny Mouse said...

Although me and the Nonny Spouse aren't both boys, we'd be happy to be ersatz boy tyos for you anytime you're in the Provo area. :)

annegb said...

Yes, Barb, you are a social butterfly :).

Okay, you guys can be my boy toys. Bill doesn't even mind, as long as he can go fishing, he doesn't have a jealous bone in his body.

skl said...


I can only imagine what they are saying to their friends about the mysterious gorgeous broad that sat down at their table to have dinner with them one night...

What fun.

Bookslinger said...

Single people need to do what Anne did more often. Also works for missionaries making contacts.

One of my current favorite books: "Always Talk to Strangers."