Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dancing with the Stars

First, let me say that I totally think Rock Star Supernova is fixed. I wondered last year, but this year when the devil woman from Australia lost, I totally smell a rat. I'll never watch that show again. Although I came to understand the appeal of Tommy Lee.

But this week Dancing With the Stars premiered and since Brian Gibson is a writer on that show, I watched with even more interest last night to see who would be voted off. I made Bill watch with me Tuesday night and we laughed because they can all dance better than he can. He's sort of stiff, I dance all around him and he stands there and bops a little. It's discouraging to try to give him a sense of rhythm.

I thought Harry Hamlin just totally sucked. Plus he looks gaunt, and like he's had bad plastic surgery. The poor guy probably has to drink coffee all day just to keep up with his wife. He was so mediocre he made Tucker Carlson and Jerry Springer (yes, Jerry Springer) look good.

I watched carefully to figure out what Brian wrote. Tom (can't remember his last name), the host, just annoys me, he seems so self-involved, but he told a good joke which I knew he couldn't have thought up on his own.

Emmett (don't know his last name) surprised me. He's a good dancer. Poor Sara Evans. I figured Viveca Fox would do well, I've always liked her chutzpah.

Jerry Springer was a hoot to watch, just happy to be there.

I love reality TV. Wife Swap is starting next week and I'll be glued. I try to figure out who they would trade me with, some sappy religious soul with a sweet nature. Bill would be so bored for two weeks and her husband would have to be committed.

Just love to watch these train wrecks.


Brian G said...


When are you and Bill going to come to L.A. and watch the show live with me?

The parts of the show I work on are the segments that air before the couples go dancing. I'm responsible for half of those stories. I don't want to take any credit for the jokes told during the show.

But regardless, come to the show!

Lisa M. said...

You crack me up.


Susan M said...

I started to read this post the other day then realized I couldn't because I hadn't watched the show yet (I recorded it) and I didn't want the results given away!

My husband is really into this show, too, although he tries to pretend he isn't. He's a huge fan of Tom Jones too and was really bummed that we couldn't go to the taping of that! (He hates it when I reveal that he's a Tom Jones fan. I think it's rad. Tom Jones and Slayer are his two faves.)

Barb said...

Hi, I still want to send you the email, but I made so many comments on another blog of a mutual friend of ours that I will not be able to tell it right in the time that I have. Hopefully, I will get a chance tomorrow and if not, next week. As far as Dancing with the Stars, Tucker was hilarious! I like it when people don't take themselves too seriously. He was a good sport. I have had a crush on Mario for a few years. It is funny how I don't think I really had a crush on him during his "Saved by the Bell Days." But then, that show always seemed so flat with the writing. I'm not saying that I didn't like it. I enjoyed it a lot for what it was. Mario seems like such a sweetie! In addition, I thought the judges were unduly mean at times especially to the woman who was going through a divorce. There is no reason they need to be cruel! It sickens me what people do for ratings!

annegb said...

And did anybody not know that black guy was history when he let the women do all the work then step in to make the decision about who went to Exile Island (I'm talking Survivor now)? I bet he's embarrassed now.

Brian, the more time passes, the more likely LA is to fall into the ocean. But, on a positive note, I stocked up on cases of beans in case my friends need to evacuate. I'm here for ya :)

I think Tom is a dweeb.