Monday, August 28, 2006

A Nugget of Wisdom, suitable for blogging

I always read the Ensign cover to cover, but not the month I get it. I listen to most of conference and then read the talks I missed. I'm behind.

But last night I read this astounding bit of wisdom and thought it would work in the blogging world, so I want to share it:

(Instruments of the Lord's Peace, by Robert S. Wood)

"I recall that as a graduate student I wrote a critique of an important political philosopher. It was clear that I disagreed with him. My professor told me that my paper was good, but not good enough. Before you launch into your criticism, she said, you must first present the strongest case for the position you are opposing, one that the philosopher himself could accept."

"I redid the paper. I still had important differences with the philosopher, but I understood him better, and I saw the strengths and virtues, as well as limitations of his belief."

I think this is good advice for all bloggers. I'm going to try it next time I am mad at someone on the blog.

I'll be gone for a week starting Friday, plus I have to get ready, so won't be blogging for awhile. So long suckers, eat your hearts out. I'll be in Yellowstone.


Elizabeth-W said...

What?!! I can't just spout off? No more off-the-cuff-diatribes? You're saying I have to think first? Dang, you drive a hard blogging deal! :)
You have a great time in Yellowstone!!

Eric Nielson said...

This is good advice.

I was in Yellowstone last week. Small world.

Barb said...

Great advice! Yellowstone is one of those places I would like to visit some day. Enjoy!

Sarebear said...

I just met Annegb and Bill. I can tell all the stories I want about 'em while they're gone. They just left to continue up to Yellowstone.

I posted a pic of us on my blog and blogged about it.