Tuesday, August 22, 2006

An interesting link (the kid can write)

We have a few kids who've been columnists at the paper, some have left for missions and not returned. One actually ran for office in St. George last year. I would've voted for him in a New York minute.

This was the column this morning. I'm not sure I agree with this young man, but he's light years ahead of me in intellect and maturity and makes an interesting premise.


I hope I did that right.


White Man Retarded said...

This reminds me of one of your posts earlier, about the border issue. Remember? Anyways, our beloved Pat Buchanan is now lamenting the 'third-world' takeover of the United States. He blames Mexican and U.S. elites on letting the poor and criminal elements into the Swestern part of the U.S. as part of the Aztlan movement, or retaking of Mexican territory. I wonder what if we're going about this all wrong? Have you heard the famous LDS thought of Joseph Smith talking about how the Elders of the Church are going to rescue the Constitution as it hangs by a thread in the last days? What if what we think is the threat is not a threat?

annegb said...

Boy, you've got a good memory. I barely remember that. I know I've changed my opinion on the immigrants, I'm more lenient now. I look at them differently.

I think you make a very good point. I wonder the same thing about Iraq. Many of my conservative friends are convinced that the war in Iraq is a fulfillment of prophecy, that it's inevitable. They might be right.

I don't care. I'm more and more horrified by what those people are going through. Did you see that picture of that family whose son had been shot in the massacre (I get the Shias and the Sunnis mixed up). There were three young boys sitting with a woman I assume is their mother, as they mourn a 13 year old boy shot by the snipers.

The looks on their faces just rip me. I want to go and bring them here and give them bunk beds and comfort them and let them be children.

Elizabeth-W said...

So how old is this writer? I liked his point about the UN as parent-the only ones we've got-better than nothin'.

White Man Retarded said...

I disagree with the U.N. statement. Sometimes it is better not to have parents than the ones you have. I don't mean to open another can of worms by people misunderstanding me. I have a talent for that. Um, I don't like the U.N. I don't like the idea of giving up sovereignty to any outside force, esp. when most of the countries in the U.N. have a horrible history like they do. The U.S. has slavery and civil rights issues, but we've never had genocide, we've never forced our women to be subservient, even when it was a common idea, we've never had a federal force kill dissenters. Some may counter that with Kent Stage in 1968 but that was the act of a National Guard unit, not a federal force, and then only a few of the whole National Guard unit. These are just some examples. As far as Iraq is concerned, maybe we should have just strategically taken out the leadership instead of the whole country.

Elizabeth-W said...

Waco, Texas...Slaughter of Native Americans.... Kent State-1970. Even still....That's like saying the soldiers at Abu G weren't trained, and should have known better than to, well...you know what they did, and there's no excuse. There has to be a better way of dealing with people.

Anonymous said...


I disagree with your "we've never had genocide" statement. In the latter part of the 19th century, large numbers of Native Americans were the victims of of what can only be characterized as systematic genocide. Read about the Minnesota Souix in _Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee_, for a taste.

As for your other comment that "we've never forced our women to be subservient," who is the "we" you're referring to? I can think of plenty of men (and groups of men) who've done just that.

The social history of the United States is not quite so rosy as you portray it.

White Man Retarded said...

Ok. I agree with both Eliz and anonymous. Why do you post anonymously, anonymous? I don't bite. I may nibble, but playfully. Look at the time frame: We've been around more or less for around 200 years. Look at Africa, look at Europe, look at the Middle East. They are still dealing with the same old crap we've sort of grown out of. Adulteress' are still put to death in the middle east. Does that happen here? Genocide occurs all over Africa now. The genocide of Indians happened 150 years ago, it would never happen to anyone here today. Again, Kent State was a small independent group of National Guard members. Yes, crap happens still, but not on a governmental scale. There is no way a rational mind can compare the U.S. track record with any other member in the U.N. There is such immorality, such a looseness of morals in the U.S. society that would be squashed overseas.

annegb said...

I'm not sure how old he is, I'm sure early 20's. I think he wrote for the paper before he went on his mission and now he's back and writing again. I get them mixed up, I'll have to check.

I don't think the UN is helpful at all. I resent them for so many reasons. A huge part because of how they abuse our country, take our money, commit crimes in NYC claiming diplomatic immunity, and then snub us.

I'd like to see the UN moved to an island somewhere which belongs to the world. I'd like to see them govern 5 square miles successfully before I'd turn them loose on the world. I'd like to see everybody else pay their fair share.

But I liked how Marc's mind works. I always pay attention to his columns. The level of sophistication in his reasoning processes just floors me.

Patrick is right ultimately. America does eventually address its problems. I guess I would use the same argument Marc does--we're not perfect, but we're the best we've got LOL.

My best friend's father was incredibly racist, a millionaire who denied the reality of the Holocaust. She was embarrassed about her father's idiocy, but she said he made one good point, and I agree:

Those nations where the citizens have darker skins are more backward. What's up with that? Africa has the most natural resources in the world and is the poorest nation. I decry the racism in the statement, but it's pretty undeniable.

And white nations are more Christian. Why?

I'm reading a new book which presents the hypothesis that AlQueda is training millions of terrorists in south America, and there will be a border war with Mexico. It's pretty scary.

White Man Retarded said...

What's the book called? When I get worked up, I remember, oh yeah, the war is already won. This is a continuation of the pre-mortal war. Did you read the Last Unicorn of the Chronicles of Narnia series? I think that is the title. Anyways, to me, in my opinion, it boils down to living as righteously as possible. Love the Lord, man, love the Lord.

Anonymous said...

Go into a few of your Mexican clothing, music or boutique stores. I went into one recently and was utterly appalled at some of the t-shirts they were selling.

Some of the t-shirts were racist and hate-filled, against caucasians. If someone were selling t-shirts with the same kind of things directed against Mexicans, there would be protests, riots, and the ACLU would take them to court.

Maybe someone should inform N.O.W. (national organization of women) because some of the t-shirts were extremely derrogatory towards women, too.

The "Aztlan movement" or whatever it is, is not limited to the Southwest. It's in the Midwest now, too.

The popularity of "Corridos", which is Mexican music about drug-running and Mexican gangs is also popular in the Midwest. It is being performed in Mexican night-clubs and on the Mexican radio stations.

Recently an illegal Mexican immigrant in town was sentenced to 56 years in prison for killing two people while driving drunk, at 3 times the limit for drunk driving. (limit is .08%, so he was at least .24%) He also had cocaine in his system.

Thing is, this was the THIRD TIME he was caught driving drunk too. Why wasn't he expelled from the country after the 1st or 2nd time? Do you think he had insurance?

annegb said...

Well, Anonymous, you've scared me to death.

The book is called Spy, by Ted Bell.

I still believe the vast majority of Mexican immigrants are simply seeking a better life. We may have a border war and surely those good hearted souls will be the first casualties.

Anonymous, it may be that they are like the frog in the water for us. But I hope if a war did start, we would kick their butts back to Panama.

Marc Dotson said...

I'm 22.

I'm glad that this is being discussed somewhere online. I've just started my own blog but have yet to garner much traffic: http://marcdotson.blogspot.com.

Just two points of clarification - I didn't suggest that the UN is our parent. It simply functions as a council for nation-states and other global players to participate in "family" decisions.

Also, the United Nations is designed to protect sovereignity, not take it.