Monday, June 11, 2007

My most embarrassing moment

My daughter, Sarah, has an unusual voice in writing. I love to read what she writes because I know her so well and I can just hear her speaking. She has a radiant and sweet personality and is slightly goofy. Unlike me, I am totally a goofball.

She and Nick have moved to Orem to go to school and I find myself missing her more than I've missed her since she was oh, maybe 12.

I remembered a paper she wrote when she was about 15. A part of it went like "Would you like to know my most embarrassing moment, that didn't even happen to me? I'll tell you! It was in fifth grade. We were all in class and it was very quiet and my best friend, Lisa, farted very loud and everybody laughed. Lisa farting in class was my most embarrassing moment."

She wrote a couple of e-mails to her teacher, one saying: "Mr. E., Instead of passing back our papers from left to right, I would appreciate it if you would now pass them from right to left because I don't want BJ to see what my grades are. Thank you for coperation" (that's how she spelled it.)

The other said: "I have checked my grades on-line and you still haven't given me credit for that assignment I handed in. Please fix this or I will be forced to make a complaint. Thank you."

She was in eighth grade.

My most embarrassing moments are too painful to discuss. I have plenty of funny moments that others might consider humiliating, but the real embarrassments, I don't talk about.


Susan M said...

I think most people are gifted with embarrassing but very laughable most-embarrassing-moments. Then there are those of us with excuriatingly embarrassing moments that believe me, no one wants to hear about.

barb said...

Your daughter is so cool! I would reveal my most embarassing moments but they would too greatly stereotype me as a real nerd.

But amazingly my peers did let these things pass without throwing them in my face as time went by. :) I have been very blessed that way.

Anna Maria Junus said...

Your daughter sounds like an interesting person to know.

Anonymous said...

I read this post back when you first posted it, but I have to tell you your daughter's retelling of her most embarrassing moment which didn't even happen to her has been cracking me up ever since.

Jacob J

annegb said...

Thanks for stopping by my "Maytag repairman" blog, guys.

My daughter is a darling girl with a terrific and slightly ditzy sense of humor.

Anonymous, I laugh every time I think about it, too. She says goofy stuff like this all the time. Naturally. And laughs with us. What a great kid.

I've often told the story of my friend's most embarrassing moment, when she accidentally pooped her pants, when she was the teacher, in kindergarten. White pants, too. It wasn't embarrassing until I had to tell everybody. Her tiny feminine classiness is what made it so funny.

Sarebear said...

I know you posted this awhile ago, but have you ever gone out for the day, and come back at the end of the day, and realize you had your shirt on inside out the whole day?

For awhile there it was happening to me about twice a month.

Or, even funnier, I was at the psychiatrist's, and I was describing various symptoms, like far too frequent forgetfulness, absent-mindedness, and as I'm about to finish that up, I look down, see the inside seams of my shirt, on my shoulder, and say, oh, well, I guess this is a good example then!


Anonymous said...

your daughter sounds very intelligent. would make a good surgeon.

Anonymous said...

Years ago, my boyfriend gave me a great big bear hug. He lifted me up and unfortunately, he pulled my dress up! And not just a little, he REALLY PULLED UP MY DRESS! All the way up! I was so unbelievably embarrassed I just wanted to crawl in a hole and die. It happened in a shopping mall that was pretty crowded. I'll never forget how awful that was.