Friday, June 29, 2007

Elevator Conversation

This conversation took place in the maybe 60 seconds it took us to get from 1st to 3rd floor of the medical building. You can say a lot in 60 seconds.

So I followed the cute little family with a hyper 5 year old (I'm guessing on the age) and a darling little girl, maybe two, cute little butt in denim shorts, pigtails. She started to grab my hand thinking I was her mom. I was charmed.

A Tom Cruise look-alike pharmacutical salesman jumped on at the last minute and we all looked at each other for a few seconds, then no one could think of anything to say. He looked down.

I spoke quietly: "you guys, just think if this elevator got stuck and we were on here for hours and we told each other all our secrets and got in huge dramatic fights and stuff."

Dead silence.

Then the salesman laughed and said, "that's the strangest thing I've ever heard on an elevator."

Me, thinking ("don't you ever watch TV?")

The young mother said, "I'm claustrophobic, I'd go nuts."

I said, "you guys, just think, she'd go nuts and the elevator would open on the third floor and we'd all be dead because she killed us in her phobic rage."

They all laughed, realizing I was harmless crazy. The young family got off on the second floor, and I traveled on with my new best friend.

I said, "has anybody ever told you you look like Tom Cruise?"

And he said, "All the time."

And I said, "Actually, you look better than Tom Cruise, because you're better dressed and not getting fat and your hairstyle is better."

He held the elevator door for me and laughed and said, "thanks, have a nice day."

And that's the story of my life, how you can get to know people really well, relatively speaking, in 60 seconds. Happens all the time. True story, every word.


Mark IV said...


So that was YOU?!? Why didn't you introduce yourself? I am the pharmaceutical salesman.


Elizabeth-W said...

I love you!!! Do you have that copyrighted, or can I use it the next time I'm in an elevator?

Elizabeth-W said...

You know how you can be depressed, or manic naturally? Or you can be depressed b/c you're drinking alcohol. Well, you can actually have a "steroid-induced mood disorder" for example, people who have to take it sort of chronically for whatever can really mess with you. Too bad it does such a good job fixing what it is supposed to do b/c the side effects are insane! Hope you're coming off them okay. :)
(Did I ever tell you the time my husband doubled my daughter's dose of prednisone by accident for a whole week? Long story. Not pretty.)

Barb said...

Annegb, I would have totally thought what you were saying was great. Then, I have a parent who told a person at store at a Mall that I could fly.

When my missionary companion and I were on the elevator alone at the hospital where we did service, we would dance around behind closed doors like crazy!