Wednesday, May 23, 2007

This n That, playing with picture card :)

Princess Buttgold has turned 21. She's officially an adult. Her sister is taking her out "clubbing and dancing" tonight, which makes me nervous. But not too. Sarah is a good kid. I laughed and asked her husband if he was okay was that and he said, "I trust Sarah." She celebrated her birthday with our little granddaughter, Rhiannon, aka "Beannie."

Her mother started calling her "the bean" when she was a newborn because she was so tiny and skinny and long. Now everyone calls her Beannie. She has this mass of curly hair but some bald spots so for her birthday we gave her a blue wig. She was in heaven. Beannie is a little snot, she's very busy and stubborn--she's so our relative :). We celebrated her third birthday and Sarah's the same day. We spoiled her rotten and we were all exhausted when her dad finally took her home.

AND, Rowan graduated kindergarten! She had her final dance review, Maddie's voice review is next week and Max is done with the Scout-a-Rama. The last week has been so peaceful at my house.

When Sarah graduated from pre-school, they wore caps and gowns, no lie. Rowan's teacher scaled it down a bit and it was pleasant and short.

And the only thing I can think of is how peaceful my life is going to be with no lessons to truck kids to.


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Barb said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!
Happy Birthday Beannie!
Lots of love to both of you!