Wednesday, October 11, 2006


It's no secret that I like President Bush. I think he's a good person, trying to do the best he can in difficult situations. I don't like some of the things he's done, but I can say the same thing about God.

But I'm listening to his news conference as we speak and I am just about to fly to Washington and speak to him because it's bothering me. That is his pronounciation of the word nuclear.

He's the president of the (arguably) most powerful and rich country in the world and none of his advisors has mentioned to him that he's mispronouncing a word that he uses in almost every speech?

I keep wondering if he's doing it on purpose to sound dumb so people will underestimate him. I don't care, I want him to fix that.


Ian said...

You can't be serious. I have no doubt that he is fully aware of his pronunciation. His advisors are fully aware. They have probably discussed this very issue in depth. I think their outcome was something like this:

"Keep the pronunciation, because if you concede to the criticism, you will look like someone who is wishy washy, caving in to public opinion"

We wouldn't want a quitter as President would we? He and his administration would rather him look like an idiot to half the country and the rest of the world than for him to admit to making a mistake.

Personally, I feel that is why the pronunciation is kept.

annegb said...

well, yes, I'm serious. It's about a minus 10 on the scale of real importance to the world, but it bothers me.

Are you sure they would tell him he was pronouncing it wrong? I mis-pronounced epitome for a long time.

Elizabeth-W said...

I hadn't ever thought about why he keeps getting it wrong, but after I read Ian's comment, it sure makes sense in a 'West Wing' world.
I just always figured he was a slow learner, or was giving us all an underhanded 'you're-not-the-boss-of-me" by doing it on purpose :)

Anonymous said...

You must be joking.
Keep tackling those major issues.

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better he just said "nucular" in the State of the Union address tonight... and for the record your post was October '06 and now its January '08

Anonymous said...

I have followed the path of this idiot since he was governor of the not so great state of Texas. He has mangled the English language since he was able to speak. The correct word is NU-CLEAR. Anybody out there miss this? There is no excuse for NUCULEAR. It is an exception made for idiots that cannot master the English language. This is the least of our worries...GWB will be lucky if he makes his way to his 'Ranch' in Paraguay......Just out of reach from the international courts. He is guilty of many crimes, and he deserves to be hanged for treason.
American Patriot
West Linn, Oregon (A proud blue state that knows the difference between right, and wrong)

Anonymous said...

Nuculear...........Hum, let me get this right. Illegitamate president. Illegal war. Illegal wire taps. Complete failure as an administration. The list of failures is much too long to even
mention, and his mis-pronunciation of a word, that he probably doesn't even understand,is a very minor problem.
This massive disaster begs the question. Just where are all
of the Patriots?
There are plenty of right wing extremists. These folks regard government intrusion into private rights as completely unacceptable.
My question is simple. Given the actions of this miserable excuse for a human being, it is puzzeling
that there has been no attempt on his life? Does it not stagger the imagation that the only human being on the planet to exhibit displeasure with this stupid moron, happened to be an Iraqi least he had the
courage to throw his shoes at this abomination.
I for one am glad that this nightmare is almost over. I hope he just goes back to Crawford, and does what he does best: trimmming brush,and crashing his tricycle.

Anonymous said...

I guess I believe the reason he says 'nuculear' is because that is how people pronounce the word in Texas and probably most of the South, whether they're 'educated' or not. That doesn't mean they are 'idiots who cannot master the English language'. That's a bigoted comment.

I can't think of many presidents that didn't leave office with whiter hair, critics that hate them, and so on, but I appreciate Pres. Bush and feel it will not be an easy job for his successor to fulfill without gaining whiter hair and critics who hate him.

However, I am disappointed that there are people who think that calling Pres. Bush a 'miserable excuse for a human being,' or wishing someone had attempted to assassinate him, makes them Patriots.

Anders said...

"I keep wondering if he's doing it on purpose to sound dumb so people will underestimate him"

- No, no. They won't underestimate him - they will misunderestimate him! ;-)

Anonymous said...

"EPI-TOME"? is that how you would say it? you deserve to die