Wednesday, July 14, 2010


So far, knock on wood, lovely peaceful summer.  Our yard is so pretty this year, flowers and trees and birds all over the place.  Bill and I haven't had a knock-down, drag-out for awhile.  A veritable eternity for us.  Our kids are in a relatively good place; things are okay.

I'm horribly busy with work and trying to keep the house and maintain relationships with friends and kids and husband.  Thank God for my Blackberry because that's my main computer these days.  I can blog and chew somebody out while waiting for the dentist!

I know this will pass, this peaceful period.  Because life turns on a dime.  The good news is that inevitable hard time will also pass.  And thank God, as I'm getting older, it passes pretty quickly. 

Today is my oldest child's birthday.  He would be 39---technically speaking, I could be a great-grandmother!  He was the sweetest smartest child I've ever known.  Too good for the likes of me.  James' birthday was July 9---he'd be 37.  His friends all have families, careers, and are so kind to me.  I miss them so.

Which makes the quick passing of time a blessing---I cannot wait to see them again.


cathycan said...

Grandma was right, time DOES pass faster as you get older.
Very touching post, you have experienced so much loss.
I guess part of the reason we sicken and weaken and sorrow as we age, is to ready us for a longing to go home, a gladness for the quickly passing time.

annegb said...