Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Grateful because.....

I had a bit of energy today and....I've colored my eyebrows!  woo-hoo!  This has been a problematic issue for me because I only do it when I get my hair colored, which I can only afford every other month and my eyebrows are growing in white and the color doesn't last that long.  Now, I can do it myself.  I will look like 50 instead of 70.  I might even try coloring my regrowth myself.  But I'm pretty sure my BFF hairdresser Amy would kill me if I botched it.  She's barely speaking to me after I cut chunks that were sticking out last time because I delayed the haircut.

Also, the dog is bouncing off the walls.  I saved that dog's life.  The vitamin K made him throw up and we were tempting him with chamomille tea, chicken noodle soup, soft scrambled eggs, he got spoiled, actually.  But he counldn't keep it down.  I had the thought it was the vitamin and we took it off him, and off food for most of day, then began giving him soda crackers, which he nibbled gingerly.  And kept down. 

Life is good.


cathycan said...

Sooo glad to see you back and chipper!
Glad your pup is okay!
Glad your marriage is on the upswing!
Just glad for everything!
Take care!

cathycan said...

I dye my eyebrows every time I dye my hair, which needs to be done more and more frequently!
I think eyebrows make me look younger.
You getting lots of snow?