Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Don't ever grab a lady's purse in Cedar City

I was walking into the grocery store last year (don't read this if I already posted on it and forgot) when a lady suddenly screamed and shouted, "he took my purse!" I looked up to see twenty or thirty people chase this guy down and one tackled him, bringing him down hard.

Then they piled on top of him so he couldn't get away. I walked over and yelled, "you're going to hurt him, you guys!" I was seriously worried.

The cops got there right away, rescued him, and the lady got her purse back. They took him to jail. He was a runaway from Pennsylvania. The paper wrote about it.

I think it's quite funny how that kid almost got killed purse snatching in Utah. Bet he never does that again.


Barb said...

Runaway from Pennsyvlania. I wonder if I knew him. I know the world can be small but the odds are against it. It has been a long time since I have been in Pennsyvlania.

It is sad to hear they are the runaway as you wonder the circumstances. I know many times people need kindness rather than justice and the letter of the law.

a. nonny spouse said...

Ha! That's funny.

annegb said...

Barb, the same thoughts came to me. I did feel sorry for those kids (there were two, traveling together). I've found that kids are usually running FROM something.

I'm sure people, the law, in Cedar were decent to them after their arrest, because people are just basically decent here.

But I did think it was funny because if they'd done it in a big city, no one would have helped the lady. They probably thought this small town was a cinch.

Bookslinger said...

anne, I sent an email to you at the address from which you last wrote me, but it got bounced.

annegb said...

dang, I can't reach you! I went to msn, got DSL, so it changed. I thought I had your address in my files.